@john-cox She does damage, and % wise, she gets removed much much more often. (Many more Swords floating around than Ancient Grudges) When they remove one, then they make all the others live draws again. You can also chump and then replay a second copy. In addition, her effect stacks with the Wingmares and Thorns. Making preordain cost 2 is annoying. Making it uncastable is basically turn after turn Timewalk if you can keep it up, or just kill them.

I suppose, in fairness, Null Rod can also "stack" with Thorn if it shuts down their Mox, but that is much less predictable, and it is also much more likely to hit our deck as well as theirs...

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@topical_island said in GWBEldrazi (Homebrew):

Oh no... and you took out Tomb! Our chances of casting a first turn taxing effect just went from in the mid 30%s to something like 15%.

Wow, that was a punt on my part! Definitely need the Tombs. Likewise, I like your points re. Pridemage and Plow.

Your list looks solid. Still not a huge fan of the 2 Smashers (there are other good fatties out there, and Smasher necessitates stuff like Brushland), but otherwise I think you're in a good place.

@stuart No worries. I will say, I have found Smasher to be really good. When you are ahead, it functions a little like Time Walk, in that it often shortens the game by a turn in an unexpected way. When you are behind, it is a great blocker (as in, against Shops). It often answers Mentor via Trample. And the fact that they have to discard to successfully Swords it is actually great, since there are so many other sneaky little 2 for 1's built in to this deck anyway.

Also, how bad do we think Brushland is anyways? I rarely find myself tapping one for color more than once or maybe twice. (Even without the Brushland, we have 10 colorless sources anyways... it could be Ghost Quarter I guess.)

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I really don't get why this deck's called Eldrazi...

How's Excavator doing? Isn't 4 a bit too much? I know he does good things with Wasteland and Horizon Canopy, but it seems quite slow in a fast format like this.

@fsecco It's called Eldrazi because I suck at naming things. If you have a better name, I'll change it for sure.

Excavator is... a threat. It's better against shops for sure. You can so easily trap them under their own Taxing effects with Waste recursion. But it's good against Mentor too. It is not fast though. It really a wants to be a turn 3 or 4 play... where you drop it and the next thing you do with priority is play a wasteland from your yard, so you tend to sandbag it I find. But Turn 1 Thorn (15% of the time) into turn 2 Waste and Mana rock or dork, into turn 3 Excavator and replay the Waste is pretty cruel. More likely, you would play a second taxing effect on turn 2 or 3 since not only is that line more common, but I find it to be more resilient and therefor better. If they counter 1 of the two taxing effects, then... so what really. If they fail to counter the Excavator, they may just be trapped for the rest of the game. And if they fail to counter either of the taxing effects, then can they even counter the Excavator when the time comes anyway?

I am gonna try something like this, but utilizing Lotus Cobra, Ramanup and Collected Company. You can always run Grand Abolisher so your stuff cant be countered. Casting CoCo mainphase isnt an issue with Lotus Cobra.

@serracollector Go for it. Though you may want to abandon white taxing and just go blue if you are running those cards.

I still think GW could easily work. Lotus Cobra and Ramunup providing 3 extra mana a turn off fetches essentially gives you Workshops. Dropping multiple spheres a turn has proven to be good. Throw in Grand Abolisher to make them uncounterable (thalia, manglehorn and wingmare anyhow) seems good.

@serracollector I'm just thinking of Company. I have no idea since I haven't tested. It just feels like... well, like a turn behind Workshop since you have to play a land to play Cobra and pass the turn. Workshop comes down and taps right away... Not trying to argue. Test it. Go nuts and let us know what happens. I'm glad you are interested.

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