Welcome to Vintage Strategy!

What can you talk about here?

Well ... vintage strategy, of course! Here's the place to find decklists, ask questions, build that last-minute sideboard, and brainstorm new decks.

Threads about new spoiled cards should go in the Single-Card Discussion subcategory, and any rules questions go in Rules QnA. Anything else strategy goes here.

What can't you talk about here

Anything not strategy related.

That includes any discussion about WotC policy issues like the B&R, the reserved list, magic online payouts and the like. Those topics belong in the Vintage Community category. Excessive complaining about a specific card or matchup will be seen as B&R discussion. Posts and topics of this sort will be moved or deleted, and should be flagged for moderation if you see them. As a rule of thumb, if you're trying to change the format instead of changing the way you play, that doesn't belong in Vintage Strategy.

Any discussion about site issues, like "Can I write an archetype primer?" or "My favorite deck should be a Deck to Beat" belong in the TheManaDrain Metadiscussion subcategory of Vintage Community. If you think the content of the top post in an Archetype topic has inaccuracies or needs updating, a post in TheManaDrain Metadiscussion is the place most likely way to get a response. Disagreements about the classification of certain decks or archetypes belongs there as well.

A friendly reminder:

Being bad at vintage does not make you a bad member of the community. Being hostile toward someone because you think they're bad at vintage does.

Someone asking for advice is not an option invitation to insult them. If someone's making wild claims about their results with a deck, it's totally fine to challenge that ... but if they're just curious about a card or deck that you think is terrible, this does not make them a terrible person, nor does it justify you saying terrible things.

That said, just because a card is Vintage legal, doesn't mean posting about it is Vintage Strategy. Posts here should come from a place of trying to collaborate and improve as a player and deckbuilder. If you're building a deck with specific self-imposed limitations (e.g. you want to build a around a favorite card, or you find certain strategies boring), you need to be clear about those limitations. Trying to win on your own terms is completely fine, but for anyone else to collaborate with you, they need to know what those terms are, or you're going to hear a lot of "But why aren't you just playing [popular deck]?"


Tags act as filters that group similar topics together, and make it easy to find related information quickly. As elsewhere on the site, metadata tags can be added when making any post. I'll tag threads appropriately when I notice, but tagging your own threads is the best way to make sure people can find your (surely very excellent) content.

Reserved Vintage Strategy Tags:

reserved for very specific threads, don't assign these tags yourself without asking first!

"Archetype": A high-level overview of one broad deck archetype in vintage. The top-level post will include just enough information for a new player to identify a deck, have some idea what it's trying to do, and decide if they're interested in learning more — without being so long that they can't read through a few in one sitting. Archetype topics act as catch-all threads where you can post decklists, questions, or anything strategy-related about the deck.

All Archetypes have an associated tag which is free to use in any topic that involves that deck, including more detailed

"Decks to Beat": A subset of Archetype threads. Decks you absolutely must know about to play competitive vintage. Not necessarily just the most-winning decks, these are the decks that shape the environment and inform the way every deck is built. Players unfamiliar with vintage should start here.

Open Tags:

feel free to use anywhere you think is appropriate!

"Deck Tech": An informational topic centered around a specific decklist. There aren't hard rules about the format of a Deck Tech, but posts with this tag will be held to a higher standard. At minimum, they must include a decklist, some level of guidance on how to play the deck, and some level of explanation as to why it's worth playing. Obviously more is better. You're expected to have played some number of games with the deck, tournament or otherwise — at least enough to provide some insight you couldn't get just by looking at a list ... which is, after all, the entire point!

"Budget": Tag a topic with Budget if if your question or decklist has specific card-access concerns. Vintage can be an expensive hobby, and not everyone wants or is able to get a copy of every card in the game. Not having access to specific cards doesn't mean you can't play Vintage, but it does mean you're going to need to follow different advice if you want to maximize your chances. If you're responding to a topic with a Budget tag, make to sure to factor in those concerns, otherwise, assume they have access to anything.

In Vintage, "budget" can mean very different things to different players. An "unpowered" deck might still have thousands of dollars in cards. A player at a tournament that allows 5 playtest cards might have entirely different concerns from a player who runs 15. If you want to get the best possible advice, please be very clear about what your specific limitations are.

Archetype-Specific Labels: tags like "Mentor" or "Hatebears" which reference a specific kind of deck. Each Archetype topic has one associate with it, and more can be added as needed. Topics with these tags can be easily accessed from the appropriate Archetype thread, so please use when appropriate!