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Gotta love Griselbrand just chilling and holding hands in the Druid circle. I like it!

Thanks!! That was actually done by one of my friends. They did such a great job on them!

@xxhazardxx ah wow I didn't know - thanks for the info!

Hate that Jesper adds the date to his sig. On the plus side, now I can have a stack of different sigs on my Jesper cards.

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Hate that Jesper adds the date to his sig. On the plus side, now I can have a stack of different sigs on my Jesper cards.

I feel like in 20 years, its gonna look pretty cool to see '16!

I am pretty big on collecting alters myself. I actually unloaded ~87 in a very large trade a couple days ago for some Catacombs, Foil Thoughtseize LOR, and a Judge Hierarch. I have tons of 1-offs and randoms, but i am also very, very close to finishing one of my EDH decks.

Do people care to see this sort of thing from me if they are not vintage cards? If so, should i be posting here or a new thread? Don't want to hijack, wasn't sure if it was an open invitation.

@sovarius I mean, I love alters, So I'm cool if this thread diverges into all things alters...

I just wanted to show off some of my pretty/ruined stuff. 😉

Sorry my pictures are crap-tier quality

alt text
Mimeoplasm foil peel with The Great Aurora and Golgari Rot-Farm as the background. Favorite EDH

alt text
Everything i haven't yet foiled in my Mimeoplasm deck is altered, with only a couple exceptions

alt text
Set of duals to a completely altered 5c reanimator deck. Everything is horror and halloween themed and the deck tells a story with all the cards essentially a panel of the story

alt text
The lord of the dark forest

alt text
This happened in a game last night against my girlfriend. Marchesa the Black Rose, with Olivia Mobilized for War (notice they are altered together as a panoramic pair since their abilities are great together) and a Mulldrifter that allows me to stonewall attackers for free with a smooth +2 cards per turn.

I don't have everything in my altered deck pictured, but here is an album with about 2 dozen of them. The little girl is my daughter, the deck is about how her brother is taken to a far away land through a portal (Sol Ring) and she goes off on an adventure to find him. The portal takes her to a dark forest, where she is at first attacked by the monsters there but later befriends them, and the lord of the forest, Reaper King.


The Coffin Queen is my girlfriend (daughter's mother)

@sovarius love that soul of the harvest! Very cool art on all of these. I like the theme and how you've had the cards done!

@poxeveryturn He's one of the best for sure, i love pumpkins. There's a bunch of little pumpkins all over the deck, he is their caretaker 🙂

Here is my Gen Con picks ups!!

alt text

alt text


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