August 28th B&R Poll

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    The current voting is also pretty crazy. More people asking for Workshops head than no changes at all...

  • It is interesting to compare these results to the recent Facbook poll in the Vintage group:

  • @rbartlet They are comparable, but the facebook poll didn't include no change so there is no referent group in that poll.

  • @seksaybish said in August 28th B&R Poll:

    This looks pretty illuminating to me. 61 TMD community members would like to see cards be unrestricted vs 9 (as of 7:31 PST 8/18/17). Additionally, nobody has resorted to the usual name calling that often occurs in these discussions.

    @rbartlet said in August 28th B&R Poll:

    It is interesting to compare these results to the recent Facbook poll in the Vintage group:

    FaceBook is limit one vote per account. StrawPoll is limit one vote per IP address. The average person can easily vote multiple times in a StrawPoll*. This isn't necessarily 61 TMD members but rather 61 IP addresses. I considered botting the vote to prove my point but I decided I'm not that much of a dick.

    * Vote from work, home, and your not-wifi cell phone is an easy three.

  • I wish polls would give you 1 5-point vote, 1 4-point vote, 1 3-point vote, 1 2-point vote, and 1 1-point vote. This would allow for multiple selections but appropriate weighting. In other words, ranking.

  • I'm impressed that I'm in the minority about Ballista. Revoker and Ballista are the glue that disables any external mana sources (drs, noble hierarch, elves) from being playable. Not sure spheres would be as valuable if shops was less interactive with mana dorks and moxen.

  • These polls always make me feel that I'm playing a completely different format than everyone else.

    I don't mean that as an attack on anyone. I feel like, genuinely, I'm having different subjective experiences with the format from the majority of the people responding to these polls. That experience differs still between what people tell me in person, and the story tournament makeup is telling, which feels like it may be different demographics.

    I don't say this to argue that my experience is more accurate than anyone else's ... more to muse on who these groups are, and what the root cause of the difference is.

    I guess this post serves no real purpose 😄

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    @rbartlet I voted for every option on both polls because I enjoy skewing B&R data. I'm also the guy that adds "Montana" to every B&R poll that lets me.

  • @brass-man said in August 28th B&R Poll:

    I guess this post serves no real purpose 😄

    Mods plz ban this user

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