[XLN] Unclaimed Territory

  • This lets me run Eldrazi in my Merfolk list. Displacer gonna be blinking Silvergils all day long. Fear the fish.

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    I had a conversation offsite with @garbageaggro about which humans and eldrazi might be a good fit for a Caverns/Territory deck. There are a few options but I'm pretty interested in World Breaker, super pricey but very intriguing as a late game play

    My teammate got 2nd at a 99 person event last year with this list featuring a World Breaker in the main. Corrupted Crossroads is easily updated to be Unclaimed Territory. The card acts like a cheaper Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, the catch-all in the sideboard of Jason Jaco's initial builds. Funny enough, this top 8 also features a good example of 5C Humans with 4 Gemstone Mine that could potentially use Uncharted Territory in its place.

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    @necrogeist I think the problem is you would be cutting a colored source for this card as it stands so anything with 2 colored mana pips in it is not exciting to me since those tend to be very hard to cast. See sanctum prelate.

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    If you want to subscribe to the spice channel, a card that I keep thinking might work in Eldrazi, for those games where you get down to top decks is: Tireless Tracker . Makes drawing lands ok. Reasonable sized threat (especially after cracking a clue or two), plays well with crucible/ramunap if you are going that grindier route.

  • @garbageaggro If you're talking Powerless Eldrazi, the draw of that deck for me is the set of Null Rod, which doesn't play too nice with Clue tokens. You're absolutely right about Tireless Tracker otherwise, since it sees play in Modern Collected Company and Legacy Lands decks for that very reason.

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    Yeah i was talking about a variant of powered (white-red) eldrazi that already had been seeing play with the new land helping cast green cards.

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    This lets me run Eldrazi in my Merfolk list. Displacer gonna be blinking Silvergils all day long. Fear the fish.

    This is a really good point. Having 8 tribal + colorless lands enables splashing Eldrazi in other tribes very easily. Probably more relevant for Modern than Vintage, but nonetheless

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    I think this card is really interesting, but can i also point out, damn that is some gorgeous art!

  • How many colors of a single tribe of creatures does a list need to be playing to make this + Caverns better than a normal fetch or rainbow package? How many tribes even have viable cards outside of the single color they normally occupy? Humans maybe, but merfolk, goblins, elves, all seem to be locked into 1.5 - 2 colors. This also does not provide color for spells which those decks still run, so I honestly cannot see it being playable as the 5th cavern over something like gemstone mine, aether hub, or Confluence.