Vintage Leagues come to MTGO!

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    @chubbyrain Yeah you're right. They always make the right choice! In all seriousness I expect them to do something, but I worry that their choice won't be as good as we would all hope. No point in worrying about it now though, I suppose.

  • @islandswamp there is no good end to this. No way long term they maintain and release cards for two different online games that are both full game magic (duals never was full game engine or had every card in the sets that were released). Also no way they ever past cash to people on the value of their collections. Can you imagine the next board meeting where they try to explain that huge expense to them? If MTGO eventually is closed and if they aren't paying people on cash which I think are reasonable assumptions then I don't see what they can offer that would make MTGO people happy. Certainly porting over a collection that can be traded and sold for one that can't wouldn't satisfy the masses.

  • As someone who just started playing in the league, I am a bit confused about prizes. It seems that the "treasure chests" contain random cards (some kind of booster pack). What are "non seasonal MOCS qualifier tickets"? When and how do I redeem them, and how many do I need?

  • @evouga Treasure Chests are like booster packs - you can sell them for 2.19 or open them for the cards inside (curated cards, random rares and mythics, poop commons). The EV of the chests is 2.14 according to Goat Bots so over the long hall, you are basically paying a nickel per chest for the "thrill" of opening the pack. Of note, a significant portion of the chest's value is in Play Points. While most players can just use these to re-enter events, some players might accrue these play points, which are nontransferrable. Personally, I open the chests. I don't typically buy paper packs and this helps sate the gambler in me. Of course, I have an decent collection, so it's not like I'm saving tix up for anything in particular. Downside...I have 3193 play points on my account waiting for VMA flashback drafts...

    As far as MOCS Qualifiers points, you need 35 of them to enter an event. It functions as a PPTQ, which feeds into Monthly MOCS (RPTQ), which feeds into the Magic Online Championship. Formats are sealed or Constructed (mostly standard, some modern, no Vintage or Legacy). Kind of a rip off for Vintage players but grinders in other formats obviously like them.

    Hopefully that helps.

  • Yes, thank you! I have absolutely no interest in playing Standard... I don't suppose there's some way to sell the qualifier tickets?

  • @evouga No, I have about 50 and am planning on jumping into a sealed event one of these days. I figure I don't hate that format and otherwise they will go to waste.



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