Heads up about B&R discussion on Monday

@brass-man Fair enough. I kind of forgot what thread this was and was just replying to someone's post. Goes to show why the new way will be better 🙂

Yup! it's really hard not to respond to B&R posts! I do it all the time myself! No worries 😄

I don't see anything in my post that meets the deletion criteria. Not that it's a problem. I trust brassy to do what is best.

It's just strategy/metagame discussion when I'd like to stick to site policy here, if you posted that exact same comment in any of the B&R threads in community I'd be 100% fine with it.

@brass-man Right. I should have also been contributing to the subject matter from a policy standpoint instead of purely pointing out @p3temangus 's implication that Shops is only good because the entire mtgo community is lazy. That does not belong in this thread. Understood. Soon this will all be in one tidy thread and there will be no more confusion. Thanks for all your efforts.

Things are already exploding on Facebook in preparation for the announcement. This is going to be a bloodbath of half-truths and hurt feelings.

@hierarchnoble In the facebook group of randoms who've played the format for 3 months on MTGO, and who's paper Eternal Collection is owning a Urza's Saga Duress?

What time is the announcement supposed to drop?

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