August 28, 2017 Banned & Restricted Announcement

@brass-man Good summary. Legacy's access to 4 Brainstorm's for digging and recycling useless cards cannot be understated either.

@tribet said in August 28, 2017 Banned & Restricted Announcement:

@sovarius ok I suppose that why Grisel-Oath was doing so well before Mentor restriction then.

Swords and Oath have existed before Mentor decks, and Griselbrand has been in Oath decks before Mentor was a thing. I think it just turns out playing 4 Mentor in a control deck that can board Containment Priest is better than a deck that plays 3 Griselbrand and takes issue with Priest. It's more about the whole of it, to me, than it is about 1 removal card.

@kingleovold Sorry, I wasnt talking about Reanimator at all here. Im still on the discussion comparing Grisel & Bargain. I thought @Sovarius' comment was a little optimistic and for having played Oath a fair bit, my experience with the deck was very different and I didnt believe in his claim that "Griselbrand does not care about Karakas or STP because you still get to draw into 14 cards anyway. You will find a counter or a new win con. Cage and Priest do nothing once Grisel is in play, but Yawgs is stopped by Revoker/Pithing".
PS: I havent entered the Reanimate discussion because I dont believe it is viable in Vintage.

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@kingleovold said in August 28, 2017 Banned & Restricted Announcement:

Small sample size. But one league in workshops still feels absurd to play against. BOOO. On the other side didn't see a single mentor. I lost to a pretty spicy deck that killed my storm deck with aethersworn cannonists. Much more fun losing to that then mentor. 🙂

The restriction of Thorn wasn't going to make the deck disappear, just get itself retooled. I think it's fine as a tier 1, but needed a peg taken out.

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