No more planeswalker uniqueness rule as of Ixalan

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    You can in your playgroup if you guys wanted to. Unless you want to play strictly by wotc Commander rules. I've been doing so a little before the Planeswalkers commander decks were released a few years back. Then again, my group didn't mind. EDH / Commander is still a casual format, no?

  • @p3temangus yeah there are like 5. But I was referring to the premise that because they were legendary now you could use any of them. Those are a special and weird exception. I do look forward to the eventual day when they let you use any planeswalker. As planeswalkers become the face of magic more and more they do it.

  • @Ten-Ten @KingLeovold Yea, we are all on the same page with this one it seems...The fact that the person who oversees the commander format for Wizards felt the need to Tweet the clarification (and get it re-tweeted by Lee Sharpe) meant that many people had the same idea in mind.

    Maybe it would be too broken for Dual EDH, but for casual multiplayer (even in groups that consider themselves "competitive") I have found most of the reasonably costed plainswalkers underwhelming in any given 4-5 man game, outside of specific shells, Like an Atraxa super-friends or something like that. As a General you could probably get more bang for your buck

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    I thought when travelling through time and space you aren't supposed to meet your corresponding doppelgangers. Isn't that like rule 1?

    Only if you are Jean Claude van Damme in Time Cop.

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    ... it's been a while since I've seen a Timecop reference, lol

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    I've never felt the need to play JVP and JTMS in the same deck. I couldn't imagine two more differently positioned cards.

    I play both. They are simply different types of card advantage. And besides the fact they couldn't coexist due to planeswalker uniqueness, they provide that card advantage in different ways. JVP and Snap compete for resources and CMC slots, but JTMS and JVP share very little in common besides "pitches to force" and "is the character named Jace" and don't compete for resources.

    I can tell you from personal experience (not that i am a great or prolific player) that they are both incredible and the single major thing that stopped them was having the same PW Type, which means the better of the two makes the scene. I play 2 Jace TMS and 1 JVP (over 1 snap for extra 'grind') and this means i could play 2/2 if i wanted without Jace-flooding (but i don't)

    This biggest problem is as @fsecco says that JVP is pretty bad in legacy

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    I don't like how they are making planeswalkers interact more like legendary creatures.

    Well, to be fair, they are simply now interacting in the game the same way as all legend supertypes already do, like Cradle and Mindslaver.

    Legendary creatures are already... legendary. What is really the difference? Thalia 1 and Thalia 2 are the same character at two points in storyline, just like Jace TMS and Jace VP are the same character at two points in time.

    Now we can put 3 Mirri onto the battlefield though! That's at least cool.

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    Not vintage relevant, but I saw a tweet from Sheldon Menery that as of now, there are no plans to allow all plainswalkers to be your EDH general

    Yea, but not so surprising. This rule is only tangentially related to the EDH rule and it was never what stood in the way of allowing them.

  • What I think most people are not discussing is that this opens design space for them to release non-legendary planeswalkers in the future. I have no idea IF they will, but now they CAN release a PW that can have multiple copies of himself in play - I know the new Jace already does this, but imagine they release a non-legendary PW and you could have 4 of his cards in play at the same time. Weird.

  • @fsecco it will not happen. All previous and future planeswalker will now have Legendary supertype.

    Starting with this set, all planeswalkers past, present, and future will have the supertype legendary. They will also be subject to the "legend rule." The "planeswalker uniqueness rule" is going away.

  • @ten-ten It won't happen until maybe it does happen. It's open design space. Literally the first thing they did upon abolishing the planewalker uniqueness rule is to create a planeswalker that can duplicate himself. At some point, it's likely that they will create a low-power planeswalker that has no legendary subtype at all. "All" means "all" only when it doesn't mean "all except for one or two," but Wizards often means the latter.

  • Mark already specified at least 3 times in the last 2 days they aren't going to. Technically it can't mean never since the game may be around for 10 more years, but it's kind of unrealistic to think of as possible design space.

    Plus, PWs are characters and are special/unique. There's not really any reason to make non-legend walkers. It's as likely as making a legendary creature that's not supposed to be a 1-of and nameless.

    edit: "It won't happen until maybe it does happen" - this doesn't seem to mean anything? That's true of everything if we are getting really technical. I can't begin to see how that's even a reason to believe that it will happen, much less makes it 'likely'.