Yawgmoth's Storm

  • I've got a old but good deck to post. It's called Sabre/Exhume Bargain.

    The deck looks like this.
    Theres two versions, one that runs Voltaic Keys and Renounce and the other runs Radiant's Dragoons and Exhume.
    // 60 Maindeck
    // 10 Artifact
    3 Tooth of Ramos
    4 Grim Monolith
    3 Voltaic Key/Radiant's Dragoons

    // 8 Creature
    4 Academy Rector
    4 Skirge Familiar

    // 4 Enchantment
    4 Yawgmoth's Bargain

    // 9 Instant
    4 Dark Ritual
    1 Vampiric Tutor
    4 Renounce/Exhume

    // 22 Land
    6 Swamp
    4 Phyrexian Tower
    5 Plains
    4 Peat Bog
    3 Remote Farm

    // 7 Sorcery
    1 Demonic Tutor
    1 Yawgmoth's Will
    1 Imperial Seal
    4 Soul Feast

    // 15 Sideboard
    // 4 Creature
    SB: 4 Phyrexian Negator

    // 1 Enchantment
    SB: 1 Circle of Protection: Red

    // 2 Instant
    SB: 2 Disenchant

    // 8 Sorcery
    SB: 1 Massacre
    SB: 4 Duress
    SB: 3 Perish

  • @ten-ten What happens when you have exactly 5 mana with grim tutor? You have to go get ancestral where DP gives you necro... What happens when you need to set up a ywill at less than 7 life or when tight on mana? You just concede with with your grim tutor in hand.

    It's a fallacy saying that it is easier to recover from a countered grim tutor, because the only way you are going off without casting a ritual before the grim tutor is if you already had BBB available (which means you were very likely to be able to cast petition without ritualling either).

    Grim tutor is only an equivalent to DP when your resources don't matter and they will matter more often than not (as evidenced in your scenario "Late game, full Graveyard, six mana on board, no resistance from opponent [and 7 or more life]." you could win with 100s of cards that are basically unplayable in this scenario). Grim tutor is only better when looking at setting up a next turn win or When facing graveyard hate, but it's still not fantastic there either.

    The whole point of Dark petition in the deck at the moment is to give you a consistent way to tutor for tendrils after resolving a bomb (which happens to involve bargain/necro a lot more nowadays) or to give you another route to victory (through will or Desire) when your bargain angle of attack is not possible, Grim tutor is lousy in the same role.

  • @macdeath I was, in all honesty, asking because I have not piloted storm with Dark petition since it's printing. I've either stuck with Ad Nauseam or Gifts storm decks.
    At a glance grim tutor seems better than DP but i needed answers from someone experienced with the card. Thank you.

  • TMD Supporter

    I've thought that Grim Tutor has its uses for turn 1 Tutor for Lotus. And obviously if you don't have Spell Mastery then Grim Tutor can be better.

    Dark Petition is much better otherwise.

  • @desolutionist agreed, basically when dark petition is bad grim tutor tends to be slightly better, but when dark petition is good grim tutor is a lot worse.

    @Ten-Ten you should probably give the card a try then, it's a lot better than it may appear. It's more versatile than ad nauseam and able to serve the same function by fetching for necropotence. I like to have at least one petition with gifts since its pretty good in a number of piles and bridges the gap between gifts and will if you already have it hand.
    The only real weakness of the card is that it's pretty bad against cards like Rest in Peace, but even then it's not totally dead (i've won a surprising amount of games by paying 5 mana to tutor for something like pack rat/bounce spell).

    Most blue decks are fighting combo with Leovold/Nthief, null rod and pyroblast at the moment. As a result Cabal ritual + Dark petition is pretty strongly positionned right now. It's also great to have YBargain and DPetition in the same deck since they work well together and each one of them is resilient to the hate that targets the other (Petition gets around Card draw hate and pithing needle effects, while bargain gets around gravehate and flusterstorm)

  • Hi! Is anyone playing yawgmoth's Storm nowdays? I have not seen a lot (actually i have played with Y Storm just 2 or 3 times while was on Dredge) of Bargains Deck during November, but now i am very intrested in learning and playing this cool deck. How it feels in current meta? Is a large amount of shops a big problem for storm to shine? And how difficult is deck to pilot perfectly?

  • @listlik I've been playing off and on since the unrestriction... and it's fine. It's soft to Leovold and Null Rod and anything like those. My opinion is that Paradoxical Storm is faster and more reliable.

  • @pugsuperstar said in Yawgmoth's Storm:

    @listlik I've been playing off and on since the unrestriction... and it's fine. It's soft to Leovold and Null Rod and anything like those. My opinion is that Paradoxical Storm is faster and more reliable.

    More like the other way around, Po is a lot softer to leovold and null rod. Ritual storm is faster, harder to hate on and more consistent at going off. Po is better vs shops due to having fow and more non storm win conditions and Po helps the deck compete on attrition with other blue decks. Rituals are a viable option when Blue decks plan is to fight combo with artifact hate. However the deck's real issue is that it struggles with shops since although shops have less prison elements the faster clock gives you less time to build up your resources to setup for a eot hurkyl's.

  • @macdeath Yeah the classic: waiting for 4 turns until you have enough mana to EOT Hurkyl's them and then untap to win is just not really possible anymore. Paradoxically with the restriction of more lock pieces the shops match up got harder. Before you had time to slowly find your way out of the prison and then have a single big turn to go off unhindered, alternatively you could try to go for an alternate win condition like pack rats. For the first one you just don't have the time now and the pack rat plan is pretty much useless against ballista (also shops will often just win the race). My solution was to put a Tinker package back into my deck and either sideboard in Blight steel or even play him main deck. This works pretty good for as long as they don't run multiple Metamorphs. Tinker for Robot works also really well against Leovold decks (which are horrible to fight, Leovold is just a stupid card)
    Did someone try just stalling the game instead of pushing a win through via Energy Flux or the like?

    This is my current List. I would kind of like to put the Tinker Package in the Maindeck and add a Memory Jar, but im just not sure what to cut at this moment. (i expect Jar to be pretty good with 3 Defense Grids in the Maindeck, but its also pretty shitty with 3 Bargains in your deck, not sure about it).
    Iam still not playing red, and i still like it to be honest, works out fine. I added a chrome mox for another mana source while going off with Bargain, or for getting to the Bargain mana in the first place.

    In the Sideboard i exchanged my Ravanous Traps for Leylines, since slowing down Dredge so they can only cast their 4/4s is usually enough to win, and this is pretty hard to deal with by Pitch Dredge Lists. I still have all my Hurkyl's/ Rebuild/Echoing Truth against Shops, but now also the Tinker Blightsteel Plan and a Fatal Push (really not sure about that one) A lot of the Shops hate also doubles against Null Rod and Leovold Decks. I added a surprise Flusterstorm for the Mirror or PO Lists, its cute, not sure about it though.

    What do you think? Would you try to cram Tinker/Robot/Jar in the Maindeck?

  • @aelien You need tinker bot maindeck to have a shot vs shops imo. Memory jar is garbage vs dack and null rod, you already have more than enough threats to be able to consistently go off. LED is mostly overkill and chrome mox is awful, I would change those for tinker bot. Also you need Library of Alexandria in the main deck, it's so good vs counterspell decks and occasionally great vs shops.

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