Yawgmoth's Storm

  • @aelien Might make it worthwhile to run Thoughtseize over Duress. Beyond that I think Chain of Vapor is probably still good.

  • @craw_advantage iam already running 3 thoughtseize in addition to 4 duress. If this card will see maindeck play by major archetypes then i dont think a single Chain is enough.

  • TMD Supporter

    It's possible that more slow tutors (e.g. Mystical Tutor, Imperial Seal) could be a help in finding the single Chain.

  • @aelien Perhaps it does need more than one. I've been playing one Chain and one Echoing Truth anyway.

    However I think Lavinia raises another question: because it hoses Outcome much worse than black-based storm, is it possible for this deck to be reconfigured in a way that just operates better under the restrictions she imposes, and thereby make a resurgence? Obviously it's better if she gets discarded preemptively, and we'd need to find Chain of Vapor or similar mid-combo one way or another, but honestly if people start playing Lavinia instead of Thalia that seems like a win for black storm to me.

  • @craw_advantage shifting the deck to use Pyroblasts could be a nice, flexible option. Karakas handles both Lavinia and Thalia while never being truly dead. I wonder if the best Storm response to a Lavinia-heavy metagame would be just bringing the CMC of the deck down. Winning on turn four with a Lavinia in play doesn't seem particularly hard if you see it coming.

  • @brass-man That's kind of what I'm thinking. It means replacing stuff like Bargain and Dark Petition and potentially adding a couple more lands, etc, but it doesn't seem all that bad really... Lavinia does do some damage but she doesn't care about rituals or cantrips.

  • @brass-man Yeah Pyroblast seems like a good idea. Bringing the cmc down would probably mean finding an alternative for Dark Petition. Maybe @revengeanceful has the right idea in going back to the TPS singleton heavy tutor and draw7 base.

  • @aelien thoughts on pyroclasm as a viable option. Also hits yp, mentor (wo backup), tokens, thalia, shops early.

  • @brass-man that and maybe splashing green for Summer Bloom and it's kind? Taking a cabal out for a summer bloom is a start. Thoughts?

  • @ten-ten good idea, we could also just add dark depths combo as a win con and change the name of the deck to "Terrains" or something like that.

    @ebgmtg Iam not a fan of pyroclasm solely because of its sorcery speed. Taking mana away from the turn in which you you want to remove a disruptive element to go off, makes the latter much harder. Especially if you where pressured by those creatures for life total, you probably wont have a ton of lands to work with.
    Eot removing a disruption piece, then untapping and going off is way smoother is you ask me.