UR Delver

  • @zebotc
    I do love Chart a Course! You recommend Grafdigger's Cage, that's a card I don't like right now since oath can usually cast their creatures.
    Great primer though, and always great to see more vintage content!

  • @stsung said in UR Delver:

    The same goes to Harsh Mentor, this card in diverse metagame is not good. Against some decks you need 4, against many you'd rather see anything else than a 2/2 that occasionally hits an opponent for 2 (fetchland usually).

    I think you're right that Harsh Mentor gets worse the more diverse the meta. OTOH, in a meta full of Ravagers and Ballistae, Harsh Mentor can really shine. Every time a player sacs an artifact to pump Ravager, every time a counter is removed from a Ballista to ping someone or something, every time a counter gets added to a Hangarback Walker, every time a Factory gets animated (or pumped), is a good opportunity for a Mentor to do 2 damage to that player. A single Harsh Mentor can severely disrupt a Ravager deck and multiples can be totally deadly.

    On the gripping hand, Oath decks, Landstill decks, Two-Card Monte, PO decks, and just about everything else is not going to tremble in fear at a 2/2 that has little to no effect on them. If there were ever a time for maindeck Harsh Mentor to shine, the current prevalence of Ravagers should be it. (But it probably isn't.) Sideboard may be different. If this deck wants Mentors at all, think more about sideboard.

    My 2 cents.

  • @john-cox
    Yeah Chart a Course just feels really good to play sometimes. Especially in awkward spots where we run out of relevant spells to cast, but still have a bunch of stuff on board.
    Thank you!

  • @zebotc said in UR Delver:

    I wrote a guide to building and playing UR Delver if you guys wanna check it out: http://sylvanstudies.com/2017/11/01/vintage-ur-aggro/

    Also have you guys tried Chart a Course? By no means is it a deck breaking card, but it’s honestly not bad, and it helps solve some issues we have late game. I feel like it’s worth trying in some builds, especially Aggro focused ones.

    I have been playing Chart in my Legacy UR Delver build. It's pretty good. I haven't tested yet in Vintage (in fact I have barely played any vintage for the past couple of months). One guy I know says it's very good and has 4 in his build.

  • @mediumsteve
    A four of seems like a lot, but since cards like Brainstorm and Probe are restricted (and mental misstep is in the format too), it makes sense. Although I feel like three to two is a good starting number.

    Come to think of it, Chart a Course might actually better in Vintage than in Legacy because of Mistep and the restricted list.

  • I'll test chart a course as well, it seems a nice potential addition.

    A question for you guys : I already have an ancestral & a time walk, I'm thinking about which piece of power to buy next - keeping in mind I almost exclusively play UR aggro.
    Would you go for a Ruby ? A library of alexandria (not power, but nearly the same to me) ? Or wait 2 or 3 month until you can afford a sapphire ?

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    @didor I would save up for a Sapphire.

  • @didor I'd get the Sapphire first, then Lotus, then Library, then Ruby.

  • zeb I am skeptical too but I'm just relaying what I was told. I play 3 in legacy rn.

    medsteve's Power 9 Power Rankings for Delver

    Time Walk
    (other moxen for splash colors)

  • Thank you for your advice ! I'll start with sapphire, though will probably never be able to afford the lotus.