Acting as an Ambassador for Vintage: A Noble Pursuit

  • The Community is more important than the Self. In a game, the opponent is not your enemy. The enemy is yourself. Your opponent is simply there to test your strengths and weaknesses. If anything, you should thank your opponent regardless of the outcome. Your opponent makes you better.

    If you resort to bashing a person in real life or on a chat screen you do not deserve to be part of this community. In this you are both a coward and a buffoon.

  • But if I thought sieze them, take their only copy of a spell, and they topdeck it and cast it next turn can I at least "... :(" in chat?

    But seriously, this is a really important message. Magic is a game. It should be fun. Being friendly and kind helps make it fun for everyone.

  • @Islandswamp

    Well said Joe! When I came back to this wonderful game a few years back, after a 12 year hiatus, the community was a big part of what pulled me back in to Vintage. I picked up playing vintage, legacy and modern on MODO and realized that the vintage crowd was by far the most pleasant to play against, so I played it the most.

    It's not just that you're less likely to see assholes in vintage, but you're far more likely to have a random chat with vintage players. Tons of people took the time to help me out, talk decks, suggest things and just chat about magic/life in general.

    Where card availability is the greatest enemy of vintage, an awesome community full of friendly people is our greatest strength. Let's keep it that way.

  • This is my favorite link on this site: being a douche

  • Thank you. Good post.

    Unfortunately I feel like the Vintage community has been defined by constant negativity this year, mostly due to arguments and activism over B&R. Complaining about MTGO and other nonsense certainly hasn't helped either.

    I do hope we can come to be known by other things instead.

  • @walking-dude I'm pretty sure thoughtseize says: "target opponent reveals their hand, you choose a non land card. That player discards that card. You lose 2 life. Your opponent draws another copy of the card you chose on their next draw step."

  • @islandswamp This is a great post. The number one thing I hate about MTGO is the douch bag comments people put in chat. People rarely act this way IRL magic, it drives me nuts that they do it on-line. On line I always try to picture an unknown opponent as someone I have just been paired with at an FNM, or a GP. Wish them luck and GG's.

  • Vintage, more than perhaps any other format, has games where you can keep a reasonable hand, start strong, and still get flattened because your opponent just "has it."

    This is a feature, not a bug.

    I'm playing decks in the league that I would not generally run in something like a challenge or a daily. I lose to my own deck losing its mind more than I do to my opponents. I've also had laughs, happily reminisced about old favorite decks with an opponent and in general had a blast.

    A wonderful change of pace has been more opponents willing to chat during a match than I usually encountered during a Challenge.

    Which is my long winded way of saying: we are the community, and we can shape our environment.

    I've even had people start using whole words again asopposed to "glhf"...

  • TMD Supporter

    I definitely have had problems with getting tilted myself (including today). It's tough because I'm under a microscope somewhat. Still, I tend to direct my rage at myself.

    Personally I need to work on playing a match to its conclusion instead of giving up so easily. That's something I'm not proud of.

  • @mourningpalace And "... :(" isn't raging. Heck, the simple "must be nice" in chat is clearly salty but not disparaging to your opponent.

    We've recently seen lots of examples of taking it to the next level and above. THAT--that's no good.