@ambivalentduck Just as a discard outlet though? In that sort of list you will almost never meet the "if you attacked requirement" until you are basically winning the game. In that situation I would prefer baby jace or thirst still.

I like attacking with Goblin Welder. Randomly running 1-2 Earwig Squad makes it a genuine threat even against combo decks or GY hate. The issue is that those are the only Vintage-worthy Goblins 😞

@maximumcdawg said in [XLN] Chart a Course:

@islandswamp said in [XLN] Chart a Course:

I think that Blue Red Delver/Young Pyro deck could really like this card AND it would allow them to run four Wastelands without caring (unlike Gush). Maybe one Gush, three of these things, Dig, Cruise, and the rest of the restricted stuff. Seems legit to me, especially now that this deck wouldn't care about having to go around Mentors as much.

I think you're spot-on that this card is PLAYABLE and I agree. I initially through Delver, too. But, Blue really does have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to blue draw spells. We've got:

Ancestral Recall, Brainstorm, Ponder, Preordain x4, Gush, Treasure Cruise, Dig Through Time, and just that is already 10 cards. Which one do you cut for Chart a Course?

Perhaps this is better than some of those cards if your deck (1) attacks a lot but (2) wants specific cards in the yard. Like, a Welder shell? Put another way, is it possible that this card replaces Thirst for Knowledge somewhere? Unlike Thirst, this is cheaper AND you have some control over whether you want the discard or not.

Well you don't cut any of those. I imagine there might be a slot somewhere (GUSH MAYBE).

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