[XLN] Search for Azcanta//Azcanta the Sunken Ruin

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    I feel like this card has potential. 7 GY is easy to reach. Repeatable card filtering seems good too.

    EDIT: better picture link as I'm on mobile: https://m.imgur.com/a/t0BSp

  • 2 Mana to do nothing.... and then a few turns later, flip it, pay some more mana to finally get a card?

    I am not a fan of baby Jace, but wouldn't you rather be using the little guy? Or even Dack for one more mana?

  • If it said "your next end step" instead of "during upkeep"
    This card would definitely see play.
    I would rather see lands transform into enchantments, artifacts or creatures. That way it would help against prison decks.
    Hopefully we see a land that transforms into a planeswalker. Yeah, that'd be the day.
    All that said, I still like it. This set has a few cards for Commander, so far.

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