Iconic Masters - What do you think is Iconic from the set? (Spoilers)

  • Hey Mana Drainers!

    So I have been at work today, refreshing Mythic Spoiler periodically to see what made it into Iconic Masters. Just my two cents on the cards thus far spoiled that I think are Iconic and why. Let me know which (if any) are Iconic to you that I might be missing, but so far there are not a huge number of "Iconic" cards in the set from my perspective. Here is my list:

    Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - Just a brutal buff and finisher in Dredge, also has that rockin' Phrexian judge foil

    Channel - OG first turn kill combo with fireball!

    Knight of the Reliquary - Some really cool instant land-grab combos in Legacy.

    Ancestral Vision - Cool take on an even MORE iconic card!

    Thoughtseize - Brutal hand disruption that defined standard and was pretty significant in Vintage pre-MM.

    Lightning Helix - Epic Pro Tour top deck.

    Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir - Strong ability on a very story-centric card.

    Serra Ascendant - Classic first turn beat down in EDH.

    Consecrated Sphinx - Wow we have come a long way since ole Mahamoti! EDH all-star.

    Grove of the Burnwillows - Combo-rific w/ Punishing Fire.

    Mana Drain - Old School Vintage power countermagic!

    Flusterstorm - New School Vintage power countermagic!

    Primeval Titan - He's called Prime Time for a reason.

    Restoration Angel - So many great creatures to blink...Snappy's always been my fave.

    Horizon Canopy - Lands deck staple!

    Lord of the Pit - He's just so old school cool ... perhaps he hasn't held up the best over the years tho.

  • It's also good they're reprinting horizon canopy because it should bring the price down a bit which is good for how high it's gotten as of late.

    On another note, though it isn't playable I love they're reprinting glimpse the unthinkable. I've always loved the card, the ability is cool, the art is awesome. Just all around enjoy it. Always a fun card to play with casually.