That is true, I really do wish they had given him a 2/2 body. Perhaps too broken for an uncommon? But, we got what we got. I think he could have relevance with exalted and mayor. I'll be testing him for sure.


I think this card is playable if the discard/exile ability was permanent. As it is, this card is not playable.


I disagree, sometimes the tempo is all you need and if they get the card back it may be too late for it to matter. He's Cavernable easily which is huge for a tempo strategy.

Resurrecting this to say that I have been trying it, and it is indeed very good in a Human deck. Not as a 4-of, but it gives you a peek, most of the games against Blue decks it gives you a card, and it lets you know the coast is clear if you need to drop something of importance after.

Likely doesn't make the cut because it isn't "prison-ish" enough for most people, or aggressive enough, but it has won me a couple games.

I think this is for sure playable. The flying is huge since it can get in for one without getting blocked and killed. It is really good against counters too. If you play this, take Force, then play that thing they really needed to counter, who cares if they get Force back later. This combined with Cavern means that slower counter decks are going to be in trouble against Humans if they weren't already.

@topical_island this has been my experience 100%. Even when it doesn't hit anything, the peek is extremely valuable. I also prefer this at 1/2 instead of 2/1 since it can take a hit from some minor sweepers and stay in play.

As an example of how this can win games, I dropped this g1 t1 in the blind, took a Paradoxical Outcome, and my opponent never recovered. Also noticed the coast was clear (no FOW) so next turn I didn't feel awkward throwing out Glowrider, and that was game.

Again, I think it's marginal-to-ineffective against shops and non-delver aggro decks and about 70% of the time I'd rather play something else in my hand, but it is definitely earning its spot. I encourage other people to test it if they're doing Humans.

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Has anyone tested this in anything besides humans? Its interaction with Leovold seems really strong for example.

@serracollector Yes, I slotted these into the 4c control list I ran at NYSE and have been generally pleased. The "peek" effect is meh vs shops now that they are running mostly creatures, though it has been intermittently helpful in determining how to sequence lands and/or moxen. It has really shined vs Xerox RGing swords, abrade's and other removal. It creates a near 2-1 effect when you can follow up with a Goyf or Leovold. Since my particular list relies heavily on Dack Fayden for card filtering, it also has been a reliable blocker against ambush vipering snapcaster mages and pyromancer tokens.

@serracollector This was my question... I wonder about this in a deck with Cabal Therapy and Sorcerous Spyglass. Peeking would happen all the time, and if you ever peeked and saw that they had another copy of the card that you took with Freebooter, at worst you could sac the Booter and now pick up both copies.

It feels like any deck counting on counters would be hurting against something like that... pair it with Pyromancer?
(I'm just spitballing here.)

Therapy as a sideboard tactic in humans, once a blue deck boards Missteps out is nice. If they're on White you proactively clear plow. Red, bolt etc. then lay you dude. Late it has synergy with Peek Pirate.

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