[XLN] Kitesail Freebooter

  • http://mythicspoiler.com/ixa/cards/kitesailfreebooter.html

    If anyone can add the pic, please do.

    Best splashable human with this effect?

    Has evasion, good with Nobles/Mayors etc.

    Can help slow down some decks as well as a Thalia turn 1 (taking that one Outcome or EE for example).

    Possible splash in Grixis Delver/BUG as non-misteppable discard?

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    I was getting sick of the half-assed responses I got on some of my prior SCDs, otherwise I would have made this thread too.

    I have this guy on my radar for Human Tribal, which I went 4-1 with at an event this past weekend. With all the other Mesmeric Fiends we've had in our lifetime I'm glad that Humans finally got theirs. That incidental evasion is nothing to scoff at either.

  • @serracollector said in [XLN] Kitesail Freebooter:

    Has evasion, good with Nobles/Mayors etc.

    He is cute. I'm unsure he's good enough in a world where you would rather sphere your opponent to death than duress them, every spell this guy ganks is technically one spell less the spheres are working against, and the body is not as good as Thalia or other 2 mana options, but I think its easily at least a potential card that can shift into the deck with meta changes as they may arise.

    Sadly the way he is worded I don't think you can do the oblivion ring/tidehollow blink trick either. Would have made him substantially ore versatile.

  • Is being a human or having flying enough to make him playable over, say, Brain Maggot, Tidehollow Sculler, and... the other one whose name I cannot recall right now?

  • I'm into the entire Human/Hatebear thing, and I like the general design and function on the card. Highly relevant for the archetype. But the 1 power is a problem. The clock is simply too slow, and it does matter in my mind.

  • @uvatha

    That is true, I really do wish they had given him a 2/2 body. Perhaps too broken for an uncommon? But, we got what we got. I think he could have relevance with exalted and mayor. I'll be testing him for sure.


  • I think this card is playable if the discard/exile ability was permanent. As it is, this card is not playable.

  • @gkraigher

    I disagree, sometimes the tempo is all you need and if they get the card back it may be too late for it to matter. He's Cavernable easily which is huge for a tempo strategy.

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