[IMA] Change to rules on Blood Moon effects

  • From the Iconic Masters Release Notes, specifically about Magus of the Moon:

    If a nonbasic land has an ability that applies "as [this land] enters the battlefield" or that causes it to enter the battlefield tapped or with counters, the land will lose that ability before it applies. This is a change from previous rules.

  • thats pretty big. I suppose this makes Bloodmoon depths at least theoretically viable.

    Some kind of mono red disruption deck with blood moon and magus of the moon. Then you play depths and if they can deal with the moon effect all of a sudden you have a 20/20.

    Probably not actualy good. But interesting.

  • alt text

    Seems like a thing.


    Also, Selemenity/DD is a combo, and this actually disrupts.

  • You could just bolt your own Magus on their EOT too.

  • @xxhazardxx Crack the Earth not bad value with Pyromancer either?

  • @topical_island

    If you're going a Pyromancer route, could also toss in Cabal Therapy as sac outlet for Magus.

  • First, we played Dark Depths with Vampire Hexmage. But that was not good enough. So we started playing it with Thespian's Stage, and that was not good enough either. So we decided to make it cost a little more and have less stability and play it with Solemnity, and no matter how bad that was we could at least talk about if not terribly execute the plan with Mirage Mirror.

    But none of this was enough.

    So now, we are going to play our own, hate card, play dark depths, and destroy our hate card to get MARIT LAGE!

    You people sure like to work hard at things.

    Before anyone figures it out, I am going to let you in on the next piece of brilliant and unexplored bit of Dark Depths Technology.

    For 30 mana spread out over however many turns you can manage to live, you can summon MARIT LAGE with only one card!

    But how you ask?

    The options are limitless.

    Modern uses some combo from Hour of Devastation and Devoted Druid to create infinite mana. Why not make just 30 and summon MARIT LAGE?

    You could Animate a Worldgorger Dragon. I have killed people with Caller of the Claw and 20,666 bears, why not Marit Lage?

    You could cast power artifact on your basalt monolith and pretend you are playing oldschool, making MARIT LAGE the newest pair of shoes on the power line.

    If you gain enough life, its reasonable to cast channel and summon Marit Lage in exchange for 30 life.

    Only you can prevent forest fires. Dont get caught up trying to summon Marit Lage to do so.

  • This is interesting more for legacy. As for Dark Depths, it can be a good strategy if White wanes with Mentors restriction. Having tried to play it at the height of Mentor it was pretty futile with 3-4 plows and sometimes paths in the board. The 20 life you'd think would matter but vs. Mentor it rarely did. It works best when you can resolve 1 mana spells like Vamp, Seal, Needle, Thoughtseize or Dooress. Even Crop Rotation would be an interesting tactic if it didn't read 'Sinkhole yourself, 60% of the field discards 1 Mental Misstep'.

  • @senor_bisquick Oh man, world championship here we come! ... awwww... right. I forgot they stopped that from existing.

  • @shaman-ben Clearly we need Bomberman Oath infinite mana into Marit Lage... COMBO!... wait a sec. Don't you play insane-o 2 card monte!? How dare you talk to us this way!?

  • @topical_island I am not well known for my sound decisions.

  • @shaman-ben ...But for many other good reasons sir.

  • So this means you're no longer allowed to name a creature type when you play caverns under a moon effect.

  • @hardy said in [IMA] Change to rules on Blood Moon effects:

    So this means you're no longer allowed to name a creature type when you play caverns under a moon effect.

    To clarify, Cavern will never ask you for a creature type. I'd probably still "name" one in an attempt to confuse my opponent.

  • @thecravenone Which somehow reminded me of the time my buddy told me he choose Bazaar of Wonders when he cast Revoker against his Dredge opponent. He won that game and told the guy "You should have probably activated your Bazaar" before he left.

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