• Is there a sticky thread for this event? Forgive me if I've just missed it.

  • You haven't missed it.

    We had one under the old site, but it was lost when old TMD crashed. I haven't had the time to recreate the post on the new TMD, but it's still available on Facebook:


    Pre-registration is available at:


    If you've got any questions, please feel free to reach out to me here (either tagging me in a response, or starting a conversation).

    Everybody waits until the last minute to pre-register, because that's just how life is, apparently. That said, I've got around 100 people committed to going on Facebook, another 180 or so that are interested in the event, and another 160 or so that have been invited. This doesn't count people who have registered without listing their intent to do so on Facebook. We max out at 200 players, and there are people who are going to be left on the sidelines here. I highly recommend pre-registering now if you want to make it to the event.

  • I've recreated the original announcement. It can be found here:

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