I still think Containment Preist + Swords to Plowshares would have been a strong plan against the build of Dredge that ended up being popular at champs ... but I definitely cede the thread to the more experienced Dredge players than me 😄

I think a good wide range of attack sideboard allows for a better planning in Dredge. I have tried Hallows+Gurmag (4/3) and liked it for some time. Until...the opponents start adapting and board artifact hate and more removal...so once the first hate piece hits and your threat is dealt with you are over. Also, RIPs and massive destruction make casting Gurmag ultraimpossible...yes you will Delve on turn 2 first time, but on the second time you try it you either get Tormoded or FOWed (which is really nasty).

I have tried the following:

4 Serenity
4 Ingot Chewer
4 Abrupt Decay (vs. Containment and Jayler mainly)

Plus 3 open slots to a good bunch of testing results.

I have also tried 4 Unmask maindeck and no Leyline for some time.Plus some Petrified and No Serums. I know this might sound crazy, but I like to play no Bazar hands that you know are unbeatable. And I also board Serum Powder ALWAYS in my G2 and G3 to allow for sideboard space.

I know it is impossible to build a Drege Deck that 75s all the cards you want...but we can try to find a focused sideboard plan (plus some switches in the main).

Here is my current list for reference (more or less what is Dredge Hype right now).


4 BoB
4 Undiscovered
4 Mana Confluence
2 Savage
2 Petrified

4 Troll
4 Imp
2 Thug

4 Narcos
4 Bloodghast
2 Ichorid

4 Bridge
4 Leyline
4 Unmask
4 Therapy
4 Mental Misstep (and no Serums!)
2 Dread Return
1 Ashen Rider
1 Flamekin Zealoth


2 Petrified Field
4 Ingot Chewer
4 Serenity
4 Abrupt Decay (MVP)
1 Elesh Norn

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Wait, you don't run Serum Powder at all?

Not at the moment 🙂

I realized I was siding them out all the matches because I might want non-BoB hand (yes, I know it´s weird, but I have been trying that for a while). You can win by your opponent mulliganing to 4-5 and you discarding a troll until you find a BoB and get it back with a Petrified.

Do you board them out G2 and G3?

You can keep a hand with antiHate and some lands and it´s perfectly keepable. You will get the BoB in 3-4 natural draws.

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@peach I have never boarded out Serum Powders. Never ever. But I'm not opposed to the idea. It just feels like it goes against everything we've been taught.

There's an unsanctioned event happening near me tomorrow. I might just have to try your list out!

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By cutting Serum Powder from game 1, you go from 5.8% to 13.5% chance to mulligan to oblivion as well as decreasing your expected hand size. I highly doubt the card you are adding giving you more than 7.8 percentage points. You should only board it out, or cut it if you don't plan to mulligan to Bazaar.

I occasionally will do this for game 2/3s, but I can't reasonably see why its a good idea for game 1 to cut it. There are much worse cards in the dredge deck than Serum Powder.

I’m not going to claim to be a master by any means. But it seems that if your strategy is hoping your opponent mulligans down to five, hoping to draw a bazaar in 3-4 turns, and spending the first turn saying draw discard troll go is just going to lose you a lot of games.

I’m not trying to be disrespectful I’m just confused as to how these games go for you? Why do you feel that whatever you have placed instead of Serum powder is better and is it consistently winning you matches?

Why are there more petrified fields in the board? That just seems to slow you down even further with this list because it’s two less anti-hate cards you can bring in from the sideboard if that’s your main strategy.

There are plenty of matches that you are just dead by turn 3-4 if your plan is to just say draw go and destroy their hate. Oath could already have a beater on board without the right draw, Shops pretty much has you killed by turn 4 in their current list , Jace has already been cast and is making plays, etc.

It seems like with this strategy you’d be better off playing a list that looks a lot more like pitch dredge with a higher volume of counters and more selection and control.

If it is working for you that’s awesome though!

I am not claiming to be a master of the archetype. I am absolutely not. And would not like to seem to be claiming it. I normally play other type of decks. But Dredge obsesses me. Because I like it. I find it one of the most linear yet powerful decks of our format.

For this reason I have been playing Dredge every week for the last 2 years in our play testing sessions at our LGS...I have tested all the versions possible and have drawn my conclusions on how to sideboard what I take out and what I bring in. And the results have been really good.

I know some things might seem counterintuitive, but if you don´t try it you will never see the possible outcome. Everyone should draw their own conclusions according to their play style and way of thinking. What works for me does not have to work for you for sure. And the other way around.

I also was reluctant not to play Serums in the main at first, but I saw a guy in our LCV who top8ed with Dredge without SP so I gave it a try and never looked back. I normally try to keep a wider range of hands that you would as I try to play games without BoB on purpose.

Because we all know how to play the other games Dredge play. I know it and you know it. So what can you do to keep on playing the deck and try to squeeze it a little more? Try other options to broaden your approach.

When I say the people tend to mulligan against Dredge I am not saying that is my strategy, it is a fact. Well, maybe bad players try to win vs. Dredge without hate. Good luck with that. But above all, have fun with that strategy :)))))

Petrified is in the board just to play against Wasteland decks.

Because Wasteland is the card I have come to realize is the one that hurts the deck most. Yes, you can always draw the double BoB hand. But Petrified helps fight the worst menace the deck has to face.

I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, I'm just sharing my thoughts on the matter.

@oestrus said in Dredge Sideboarding Tactics:

@brass-man said in Dredge Sideboarding Tactics:

I'm not sure it's clear cut to rank Dredge hate. There are a million answers to Containment Priest, but at Eternal Weekend and leading up to it, many Dredge players cut them, plenty having zero answers to the card. The Hollow One/Gurmag Angler package takes up space. Good Dredge players are constantly adapting their answers to line up with popular hate strategies, which means good players of all decks need to adjust accordingly.

The best hate card isn't Leyline of the Void, it's whatever's one step ahead this week.

I certainly can't speak for every Dredge player. But I can say that in my experience, learning to free yourself from the fear of GY hate has been crucial to becoming more proficient with the deck.

A newer, or less-experienced Dredge pilot is going to see 4 copies of Grafdigger's Cage, and 2 copies of Containment Priest in someone's SB, and think 'What am I gonna do?' That's going to hinder you, or give you pause, and that feeling is going to stick with you in your post-SB games.

But if you can form that hierarchy in your mind, and go, 'OK. I have 4 Gurmag Angler, and 4 Hollow One. I don't care about of any of those cards,' that frees you from the fear, and should effectively help you play better.

Likewise, I think that people who pack those cards count on us backing down, or feeling defeated at the sight of them. But I don't really flinch when I see a Tormod's Crypt, because I know on my hierarchy of things I care about, it's not too far up there. If you pop the Crypt, I can always rebuild. I'm not giving into that fear that you want me to have of that card.

Maybe this is why my record with Dredge is so abysmal. I don't get discouraged right away though, usually after the beats get progressively bad over a few turns.

Hi guys,

I've been trying to experiment with my current dredge list's sideboard and maindeck distruption/anti-hate packages.What's the forum's opinion on the best maindeck disruption and sideboarding tactics in the current meta?

(I apologize I'm really new to the website and I don't know how to post a decklist)

My current list (Chris Cornwell-shiel's vintage 2k list) is running

4 Cabal Therapy
4 Mindbreak trap
4 Mental misstep

Along with an anti-hate sideboard of

4 Nature's claim
4 Leyline of the void
3 Cabal pit
3 Ingot chewer
1 Wispmare

Now I love this list but I've been feeling the grass is greener on the other side and gave the hollow one/gurmag angler plan a try. It seems alright, gurmag feels very bad with Rest in peace and other hard exile effects but I haven't had much time to play around with it.

So I changed the sideboard to

4 Hollow one
4 Nature's claim
4 Mindbreak trap
3 Gurmag angler

Moving the 4 Leyline of void to the mainboard which feels like a mistake without 4 unmask to replace the 4 Mental misstep.

So should I break the bank and invest in some Unmasks or maybe some force of will?

Me play unmask dredge, leline in main deck
My side for general metagame is this:
4 nature c.
4 hollow
3 Gurmang
3 cabal pit
1 fragmentize
Cabal also help a lot for cast gurmang.

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