[XLN] Field of Ruin

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    Field of Ruin
    T: Add C to your mana pool
    2, T, Sacrifice Field of Ruin: Destroy target nonbasic land. Each player searches his or her library for a basic land card and puts it onto the battlefield, then shuffles his or her library.

    Anyone who plays ghost quarter should take notice of this, because I suspect there are lists where this is better. Yes it is more costly at 2 for activation, but you do get one back untapped right away. That can do things like trigger landfall or get you untapped mana of an off color.

    I suspect this is better in a lot of workshop matches as well. Often you are hitting an opponent with wastelands at a hit to your own tempo, and if you are still under a sphere you may not be able to spend your mana anyway, where with this it cannot be touched by a sphere and will help you tempo up against them.

  • @protoaddct

    This makes leonin arbiter potentially a lot better. Right now it has 4 payoff cards (ghost quarters) plus the number of fetches in your opponent's deck (which is variable and not under your control).

    With this printing, you now have 8 reliable payoffs for LA instead of 4. That should make it better. Maybe white eldrazi builds replace thorn with LA and play 13 strip effects (4 this, 4 GQ, 4 waste, 1 strip)

  • 2 mana activation is the only thing I don't like about this card. There is a 3 mana activation that is similar (dust bowl) which sees 0 play.

    Any deck running this must run a couple basics on its own.

    It's close, but I'm giving it a thumbs down.

  • I don't think dustbowl is an apt comparison. Dustbowl does not refund you a basic land, so net net the activation cost of this is 1 plus your land. Dustbowl is also a straight destroy, and this is not. Plus interactions with Arbiter, landfall, and a shuffle, the 2 are far enough apart I do not think the comparison holds up.

  • Not to mention how much CA this can produce off a Ramunup. Fear the days green comes back to power.

  • I like this vs shops out of the board. Eat a shop, fetch a basic... feels good.

  • If you side this in against shops you'll be left with a lot of games where you destroy their land only to be swarmed by its already in play creatures. You spend 3 mana on this only to take out their best land, which is not that relevant against Shops (unless in a few odd games).
    Not to mention this gets worse vs Foundry builds.

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