[XLN] Perilous Voyage

  • This is 100% vintage playable. No question.

  • @gkraigher absolutely. particularly for the opposite reasons the poster above suggested. with fetch lands, clearing the top whilst bouncing mox etc is terrific

  • It can only bounce cards you do NOT control. No bouncing your own Moxen etc

  • 0_1505483805752_4f914ccb-31fb-4eb1-8f2b-2186beb3b00e-image.png

    it was not a vintage card.Perilous Voyage looks better than this but vintage-playable?doubtful.

  • Target creature and target non-land perm are a pretty massive gap. Being able to bounce Null Rod, Stony Silence, Tangle Wire even Oath is a colossal difference. The ceiling of bouncing a tinker-bot remains the same, but you don't get a scry with Perilous.

  • @gkraigher said in [XLN] Perilous Voyage:

    This is 100% vintage playable. No question.

    I mean, you could put it into a deck. You could put Squire into a deck. You could put Seeker of the Way into a deck. (Sorry, Rich!)

    But what niche does this settle into? What deck is reaching for a 2-mana limited bounce with a scry upside...?

  • I mean, this 99% of the time is exactly what Echoing Truth is, but this scrye's 2.

  • Scry 2 is exponentially stronger than scry 1. It's not just a singleton better, but a multiple of it.

    This returns any card you don't control. That's infinitely better than returning only a creature.

    The closest comparion is repeal. Repeal sees play. I see this as a consideration depending on the environment. This card will see vintage play and it will be a perfectly serviceable card (unlike squire).

  • @13nova Echoing Truth only saw play when returning multiples was important, right? I don't remember it seeing play unless that was the case. Am I remembering things wrong?

  • @fsecco since 2004, Echoing Truth was in and out of many decks: control
    Slaver, some gifts boards, etc. the bouncing multiples was sometimes important, but it was just an upside to the best all-around bounce spell available at the time.

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