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    So, I just started a new job, and a co-worker who heard I liked magic started telling me about Android Netrunner, and boy does it seem sweet. It seems like it has all the things I like about Magic, while being maybe a bit cheaper, and having a super cool flavor (Neuromancer, so good!).

    Anyhow, since I know I have heard bits about this before, I was wondering if anyone else had played this game? Had tips for noobs, have archetypes they like/reminded them of magic decks and so forth.

    I found an article series that was trying to map classic magic theory articles (who's the beatdown, finding the tinker deck, etc) to their equivalent in Netrunner, and found it to be really helpful to my understanding of the game, but also feeding the fire for this game (article series:

  • They are releasing the core 2.0 game pretty soon also which gets you a ton of cards and is a pretty good jumping in point for the game. I played it a lot in the 90s and haven't picked up the re-published version.

  • Ive been playing since it was first announced. It's not a bad game, but it doesn't give me as much satisfaction as Magic does. Main issue is the lack of a decent OP vs Magic.

  • Myself didn't heard about this app yet. Anyways congrats for your new job. Carry on!

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