So i'm going to be buying into MTGO.

  • FYI, the Trinisphere-Metamorph bug is supposedly getting fixed tomorrow (article). Granted, Wizards doesn't have the best track record of "fixing" bugs. At one point, Containment Priest exiled itself to its own ability and their fix made it so both Containment Priest and Grafdigger's Cage didn't affect creatures whatsoever. The current Trinisphere bug is probably a result of trying to fix the interaction with Gitaxian Probe. You used to be able to cast Probe for 2 and 2 life through a trinisphere (not how it's supposed to work). Some intern probably just added one to the cost and now Metamorph costs 4...

    Ah well, at least they are trying.

  • @the_gremlin_lord Yea bud, I just listed a bunch of paper cards on the facebook groups trying to move em so I dont put a dent in the bank account and hear about it from the lady. 😮

  • @brass-man I appreciate this post a lot. This does shed some light on stuff to be aware of. Right now I am just hoping the Painter and Grindstone interaction works without any issues. Also, looking to build grixis delver. The main reason I am moving to MTGO is because of work. It leaves me little time to enjoy my hobby anymore(Adulting is FUN!Sarcasm off). I do like that most vintage friends I know are already on here and it allows me to play test more.

  • @nasfer I've played Grixis/Izzet Painter on MTGO a lot and never run into any issues. I've never actually Grinded someone with 2x Blightsteel in their deck though, so I'm not sure how the client handles that ... I don't think that's something to be super worried about though

  • MTGO has its opportunities for improvement, but over all it is a lot of fun. Being able to play leagues is awesome, and a lot of fun. The glitches or bugs are not really a concern, as others said already you get reimbursed if this happens to you (have never had an issue not getting reimbursed). It's the interface things that take some getting used to.
    For me, the biggest issue on MTGO for vintage is the way flusterstorm works. Try to fluster a fluster, or a huge tendrils. you may prefer conceding the match instead. I can almost guarantee you will do it wrong the first couple times you cast it.

  • @mourningpalace I once lost on stream to LSV with 2000+ people watching due to a flusterstorm punt. Once you figure it out it is almost embarrassingly easy though.

  • @mourningpalace I forgot Flusterstorm ... How-to-cast-Flusterstorm-on-MTGO could be an whole article in and of itself.

  • Well it's official, I just bought 99% of the deck just missing 2 JVP's and a Surgical extraction.

  • Hope to see you online soon!

  • @nasfer Congrats.