Prison-style Workshop deck viable post thorn-restriction?


Yep, they're the only ones in the main. I'm trying to keep wincons low with the idea that I'll try to get a lock first and worry about a win second. It's possible that more threats are needed.

Ballista comes out of the board in a lot of matchups, often just as another way to win. The deck often goes to time, and having a threat that can end the game fairly quickly helps. Ballista helps a lot vs dredge by enabling a win with a Bridge on the table. Once a true lock is established, you can use Smokestack to clear things like null rod to turn ballista on.

I'll say that the deck is far from optimized. It was really meant as a proof of concept to see how good Ghirapur Orrery can be. The biggest problem is Planeswalkers. For that reason I think cutting a Revoker wasn't the best idea. If anything a fourth would be great.

Untimely, I think Orrery has promise but I'm not sure how legitimately competitive it can be. My hunch is that it isn't truly competitive, just good enough to earn back playpoints.

But I will say one thing: Orrery is a blast. Some of the games are hilarious, and that's worth a lot to me.

Orrery seems like it should be amazing to me. Nice call.

Well you convinced me to get a playset of Orrerys today:) I don't know if its correct but I want some for testing. It's a very interesting card and maybe there is a Shops-Lands future, it looks like Horn of Greed and Exploration in one card, which should be amazing:) This is what I am currently working on, but I don't have any play in my area, and I'm not on MTGO so I have no idea how bad it is:

Workshop X4
Tomb X4
Wasteland X4
Port X4
Inventors Fair X1
Dune of the Dead X1
Tolarian Academy*

Artifact Acceleration:
Moxen* X5
Sol Ring*

Darksteel Juggernaut X2
Lodestone Golem*

Artifact Control:
Tanglewire X4
Sphere of Resistance X4
Null Rod X4
Sorcerous Spyglass X4
Ensnaring Bridge X4
Smokestack X4
Crucible of Worlds X3
Bottled Cloister X2
Thorn of Amethyst*
Chalice of the Void*

Grafdigger's Cage X4
Tabernacle X3
Witchbane Orb X3
Ratchet Bomb X3
Wurmcoil Engine X2

I'm not pretending Witchbane Orb is actually good, but when 5 of the top 8 decks at Waterbury run 4 Hurkylls and Oath is still a tough MU it can't be that bad:) The deck plays like a complete pile sometimes, but when it synergizes its a hard lock. Its def short of being optimized though and maybe the new Traxos agro is just better, but I feel like this deck should beat that. IDK, this is my rough draft where I've started from. I want to experiment with Orrerry in it, I think maybe the key to making Smokestack good again is getting it to two. I feel like with the token generators and pws that we need to find a way to leverage more value out of that card.

I miss 1 Buried Ruin in these lists. Makes you able to retrieve wincons from the graveyard.

Has anyone considered Karn PW for these various contril lists?

I put Karn in and take him out and put him. He's amazing in that he does finish games, almost like a combo deck would, he can be pretty lackluster elsewhere, and with 4 null rods main its a touch annoying to hold him forever. I am really on the fence about him.

@defector null rod doesn’t affect the new Karn planeswalker.

@naixin said in Prison-style Workshop deck viable post thorn-restriction?:

@defector null rod doesn’t affect the new Karn planeswalker.

I think he's pointing out how hard Karnwalker is to cast under Null Rod (and a Sphere or 2). This becomes very apparent when you test the card in Null Rod builds. Coercive Portal is often better.

I really just completely missed the PW:) I don't think we can run Workshop and then try to cast things that don't abuse it. If they ever print a PW that is "artifact PW" then I'll test it, until then I don't think its worth it. You get awkward hands when you mix mana types and doing it in a deck that can't fix its top decks, can't manipulate its library, can't fetch its lands, there are a lot of design constraints that really hamper those plans.

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