I had a blast even though i did terribly.

I ran into mentor, shops, shops, uw landstill, uw landstill, ubrg value pile, some wild artifact brew that i loved but was kinda bad, (op dropped on me r8), and paradoxical mentor.

I saw so much Leovold but didnt play against UBG.

I made the mistake of playing legacy today, i didnt realize there were cool vintage sides that could take up a day.

Will be playing both events if able for vintage tomorrow.

Who and what won? Is there any official coverage? Wotc apparently pretends EW is not a thing as I couldn't find any coverage on their side.

I know I am probably in the minority here, but I really, really miss the days of written coverage. Would be awesome to have both written and real time.

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I ended up in10th

UW Landstill 2-0
Stacks (on camera) 2-1 *this match was epic
Dredge 1-2
Dredge 2-0
Doomsday 2-1
Nights whisiper Grixis theives 0-2 *Ruben gonzales is an insanely good magic player
Grixis nontheives 2-0 *andrea Mengucci
jeskai Tokens 2-0

My deck felt right all day - I knew it was a dog against theives if they played nights whisper, and dredge just spmetimes is dredge and you dont get to play much magic.

Super bummed to miss top 8, but I proved most importantly to myself that I can still play at a high level.

Did folks play in the Vintage side events? How were those?

I don't see any results so I'm not even sure if they all fired.



@geoffc I played in the Thursday prelim and a Saturday side event. I don't know the exact count, but turnout seemed strong. Went 4-1/3-1. At least 3 other vintage events fired that I know of. Lots of vintage players in the mix!

Are decklists up somewhere?

congrats to @Montolio for the win! Well played to Rich as well!

@brass-man Cool! I'm making plans for next year already. 🙂


Do we have Top 16-32 lists (or at least archetype breakdown) anywhere?

Also, congrats to our Top 8 and the champion Montolio. He has been crushing and innovating for a long time now and deserved the win!
I wish Cron and Menendian went further though. No SMIP in the Top 8 was a bummer 😛

EDIT: Oh, and Rich and Brian played some of the coolest games o camera. Brian on friday won a game through pure masterful play.

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@fsecco go to cardtitan.com/coverage.

Scroll halfway down and there will be a archetype breakdown.

@pugsuperstar Oh yeah I saw that. I just wanted specifically the Top 16 and/or 32 because it would help understand better how much shops dominated. There were people tied to the 8th slot from 8 to 21st place, so with a few different results that Top 8 could've been totatlly different. But if we have 16-20 Shops on that Top 32, then well...

@fsecco we'll have a more detailed breakdown later this week.

Just a friendly reminder! Please feel free to talk about the banned and restricted list in the dedicated thread, http://themanadrain.com/topic/1547/october-17-2017-banned-restricted-announcement but nowhere else please!

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@diophan Great! Just thought Card Titan could've maybe put the Top 16 somewhere and I missed 😛

So Eternal Weekend was great as always, and as always I'm sad to see it end.

But I wanted to say on a personal note that I had a number of people this weekend, upon being officially introduced for the first time, tell me that they remembered me from TMD and respected my contributions as a level-headed member of the community. And that's something that means a whole lot to me. I've often felt like I was just a hanger-on because of my physical distance from everyone and my lack of results, so to know that my contributions over the years have been noticed and valued is very touching.

So to those of you who told me that this weekend and those of you who might feel the same but haven't said so for whatever reason, I thank you.

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