@jaco is good games the old magic card market?

Im interested in going to this But im not interested in that venue.

@13nova No, this is a new game store. If you act like an adult and don't alienate people at the event I'm sure you will be welcome.

@jaco said in Midwest Vintage:

We have just announced a Vintage tournament in Chicago proper for Saturday November 18. All details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/146845216065567/

We're probably going to work with a couple of local venues to do start doing regular monthly Vintage tournaments in Chicago (some will be at game stores, some will be at bars and/or breweries). I'm thinking about organizing a quarterly event in Milwaukee as well. If you are interested in playtesting we now have a group of about a dozen guys in the Chicago proper for Vintage, as well as a handful more in the surrounding suburbs. Feel free to DM me if interested.

I'm here for all of this.

@jaco it's by alienating people you mean calling out that the store decided to not run a top floor because "I work long hours this week", I'll call up stores for doing bullshit all the time.

Im not here to discuss that, I just wanted to know a simple question. You are alienating ME by calling me out for 3+ year old shit.

People who are toxic to the community shouldn't be accommodated. If that's not you at this time, you have nothing to worry about.

@13nova fwiw I think the same employee will be running the event at the new store.

@delverofpunts said in Midwest Vintage:

@13nova fwiw I think the same employee will be running the event at the new store.

Then I am out - I have no interest in driving 4 hours+ round trip to play a 4 round swiss event with no top 4 cut because "I worked long hours so I'm closing".

@Oestrus FYI there is more Chicagoland vintage next Sunday 7 Jan at Good Games. Start time is 1030am 15 proxies.

@delverofpunts I'll be in Santa Clara for the GP, and for work. 😞

@colbey81 I live in Ames, where is your buddy located? I know Hi Score in MN runs monthly legacy and occasional vintage. It's about 3.5 hrs from me.

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