Suggest some fun/whacky/otherwise interesting decks?

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You can probably make a pretty good update to Oshawa Stompy thanks to vengevine, hooting mandrils and hollow one. A deck with wastes, basics, null rods and big creatures seems fun.

Holy fuck. Right now I'm like the matchup against Workshop when playing 4 Misstep / 3 Fluster / 2 Blast - super fucking hard

I really wanted to try a 3-5 color enchantress based around Solemnity/Mystic Remora/Illusions of Granduer and Donate. Any Seal or Bounce spell ends the game after a Donate, and Solemnity lets you break Remora and Illusions while stopping Ravagers and Ballistas. Obv WGU base, but could add red for Pyroblast and the new kitty Donate. Black could be for Tutors, and the DarkDepths package possibly?

This also has allowed me to test Ancestral Knowledge + Argothian Enchantress + Solemnity, which I have to say has been pretty nasty good. Enchantress even has a reducer now in Herald. Lots to try and test, but enchantress is possible now I think.

I ended up busy most of Saturday so I didn't get around to throwing together something funny in time. I ended up on my previously built Paradoxical Oath deck because it was the deckbox closest to my computer screen.

I did get to Desire for 22 with 23 cards in the deck, so that was neat.

Last year at champs there was a hilarious Dragon deck that side boarded into all the new madness vampires from standard to get around dredge hate. It was quite funny to watch it crush people.

Any New Yorker will tell you that, if you want to find something interesting, just go see what Visna Harris is playing. Here's his Eternal Weekend 2017 decklist:


I think vintage enchantress is a pretty hilarious deck, that i have won a vintage tournament with in this past.

Try Grow-A-Tog or Welder/Mindslaver

I won a lotus in like, 2009/10/11 area with a deck playing

3 Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
4 Dark Confidant
3 Phyrexian Revoker
2 Master of Etherium
1 Vendilion Clique
Full moxes + 1 Opal

The number of people who said 'THEY STAY 5/5?!" was great.

Man, I want to play a Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas deck now. I miss them times. 😞

@moorebrother1 GaT is alive and well, people just don't want to deal with their 9/9 managorger hydra getting destroyed by a STP.

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@moorebrother1 GaT is alive and well, people just don't want to deal with their 9/9 managorger hydra getting destroyed by a STP.

Just misstep that shit

On my walk home from work today, I came up with an idea I'm calling "Key Control"

Produce lots of mana:

  • Lots of artifact mana production
  • 3-4 Voltaic Key
  • Paradoxical

Use lots of mana:

  • Time Vault
  • 2+ Blightsteel Collosus
  • Walking Ballista
  • Mind Twist
  • Banefire
  • Black Sun's Zenith

Possible fun-ofs:

  • Charbelcher (cutting lands down to Academy and Minamo
  • Other ... Sun's Zeniths
  • Trinisphere - I'm making a shitload of mana, why do I care about a 3ball?

@thecravenone leyline helm works too and grindstone/painter is an alternative

If you do it add at least one paradox engine. I built it with that and it was awesome.

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Played this pile of Vintage-legal cards today. (5C Staxx)

Spire of Industry and Chromatic Lantern were both friend recommendations and were great in the deck.

Play of the day was:

Waste your Underground sea. Float (3) with Workshop. Tap Emerald. Crop Rotate sacrificing Workshop. Get Strip Mine. Strip Mine your Island. Cast Trinisphere. You have no permanents. Go.

Deck was fun to play but ultimately just too slow. Many games I was struggling not to lose instead of being able to even begin to execute my gameplan.

5C Staxx was the second deck I ever built in any constructed format. It was fun to get back to it. I might tweak a bit and play it again next time around rather than switching to another crazy deck as I'd planned.

@aelien I've read novels shorter than that link 😛

How about Vintage Taking Turns with Baral, Burning Wish for Time Walk, Regrowth, and Snapcaster?

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Red shops is a pretty fun variant of shops IMO.

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