Old School 93/9

  • You guys still wanna talk some old school 93/94 tech? Let’s do this.
    Firstly, what deck do you or would you play in this format? Favorite old school card?

  • I would run 3 color Enchantress, RUG, mainly utilizing the combo of Mana Flare-Candelabra-Hurkylls Recall-Fireball. Enchantress with Sylvan Library, Wild Growths, Dance of the Many, Clones, Copy Artifact, and Control Magic. Essentially UG enchantress with red just for Mana Flare and X burn spells, and SB hate like Earthquake, Bloodmoon, REB, shatter, and Stone Rain.

  • Currently I'm a big fan of MirrorBall. Mirror Universe is my favourite card in this format, it's so cool. I've been trying to put together a combo/control deck which utilizes a Mirror Universe/Fireball kill. I play under Eternal Central rules so I can deal damage to myself with mana burn if I need to.

  • I currentlly have the following built-

    GW Ernhamgeddon
    UR Counterburn/skies
    Urzatron Machine Head
    Arboria Thallids

    Under construction I have parts of
    Disco trolls
    White Weenie
    U/G Beatsticks

  • @serracollector Don't forget immolation, rushing river and manabarbs are all very good red spells for a RUG enchantress. In fact, power surge is also good for helping make counterspells blank.

  • I have a really good version of PowerMonolith together now. It appears to do well against control but I have not had a chance to do any testing against The Deck. No one around here plays that deck.

  • I play RUG Zoo. Kird Ape, Serendib Effreet, Erhnam Djinn, and the broken blue cards. Favorite "tech" card is Argothian Pixies to get through factories.

  • @laurensmulligan That's good tech.

  • I am usually playing a Buw deck : Juzam, hypnotic, and serendib, with the usual tools around that core. It is a quite solid deck with a weakness against red decks. My favorite cards are Juzam (for obvious reasons) and Icy manipulator because it is the greatest toolbox ever !

  • I have a deck that uses Birds of Paradise and Rituals to power out Juggernauts and Ernhams, I also use Hymn and Hypnotic Specters for card denial. If I had Juzzams I would use them.