Are you playing something other than Aggro Shops or Jeskai? If so, why?

bomberman with gifts and paradoxical outcome as a draw/search engine. Why? Because its fun to make your opponent think they have the game in the bag then outcome or gifts and pull a win out of the dark side of your moon.

heh, I've definitely thought about putting salvagers in outcome. how many cards do you play to support it?

@mediumsteve said in Are you playing something other than Aggro Shops or Jeskai? If so, why?:

heh, I've definitely thought about putting salvagers in outcome. how many cards do you play to support it?

Depends on the color combination I'm playing. uwb is definitely the more powerful in a vacuum as it gives you tutors, yawgwill and tendrils for a kill. But uwr seems stronger in the current meta as it gives you access to all the nice w/r control cards that come in so handy against shops and oath. But salvagers and ballista are part of either color package. After that black takes more support cards because its support is just so strong. Red only adds pyrite spellbomb for the salvagers package itself and the rest of the slots are just meta calls.

I'm "dating" uwb outcome but open to other things... my problem with uwr outcome is that it just feels like a worse version of jeskai control.

I've been hopping back and forth between a dozen decks (including Shops and Jeskai, but other stuff too). I felt good about my Kess deck at champs, but it's broken on MTGO and the meta seems to be shifting in a way that might make it worse. I try to keep a variety up for streaming, but I'm also just trying to get a handle on what beats what.

Played Thieves yesterday because it's a pile of 60 cards I enjoy playing. Won't claim it's the best but it's fun.

I have been playing Grixis Theives. It's a pile of broken fun cards, and I like stealing the fun from my opponent. Probably not the best deck by far, but has all the things I like about vintage.

I am playing paradoxical oath or a 4c Kess deck that is very hard to tweak for the Ohio meta, but I think could be quite good in the online meta, if the cards worked correctly there.

I am playing paradoxical oath because I love combo and oath in the same deck is the best plan i have found for beating shops with combo.

I have also had aggro shops built to test against, because I find that having what you want to test against with you is helpful.

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UWR Stoneblade. I maintain it's the best of the Boat/Dig/Gush/Planeswalker decks against Shops, since Stoneforge is such a brutal clean-up hitter against them (no, really--their deck becomes Ravager or Bust), but you do suffer some against Oath.

But realistically, the answer is "no". You look at my deck and you go huh, that's the Jeskai deck.

I'm playing Sun Titan Oath because it is fun. I believe you need to win the turn you Oath and this deck does that about 75% of the time. I was winning with it but I over-corrected for Shops and lost to some blue decks. That will not happen again.

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I'm playing either Doomsday, or Jeskai without Force of Will.

Gifts, because I can't quit Mana Drain, no matter how unplayable it gets.

I am playing Oath because Oath is still good and is perpetually underrated, and because I just don't know how to quit Griselbrand.

@thelastgnu This is a challenge I'm having - I think I've played Drain 4 times since 2011, but I really want to pick up 4 Japanese Mana Drains 😞

Played 4 Thoughtseize Ub Tezzerator at Vintage FNM with no Skillsteps and 4 Basics and 2 Deluge. I played it to demolish shops and get some riffle shuffle creases in my beta Time Vault which is in far too good a shape.

Dredge. It is just the most powerful thing I can be doing, has a 50/50 or better match up against most decks in the format (modified by sideboard construction), it has an absurdly strong game 1 against basically everyone, and it's actually super fun and intricate.

  • Baral 2cc Combo with manamorphose, gifts and regrowth. The deck is called "Almost good".

  • Grixis Thieves: It's really important to play timetwister. Pulling the Mind Twist + Draw 14 wins not just the game, but the match in most circumstances because the opponent starts g2/3 with a tilt token in play. Also, I have wanted daretti II to be good since it was printed.

(in short: play night's whisper. card is good.)

@13nova Drain is the near future 🙂
I was playing Chubby's 5-0 Sylvan Mentor with 2 Drains and this card needs to come back to the format ASAP.

I play Abzan Oath - because blue can suck my balls, and BGW has enough tools to get the job done. When not playing that, I play BW Dark Depths - again because blue can suck my balls. That deck is kind of a BW hatebears build with DDs.

I'm stuck on U/W/r Bomberman in the current shops meta. Also, 4color Landstill with Deathrite shaman but without Leovold. I'm just more comfortable facing shops with these two and I know I have game vs everyone else.
Burning Oath, DarkPetition Storm, ANT, and Doomsday are always fun decks for me in random metagames/ events, where I just wanna end the games quick.

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