Are you playing something other than Aggro Shops or Jeskai? If so, why?

I'm working on a slaver list with 3 Welders and 2 Darettis because it's 2005 in my head and Welder+Gifts is incredibly powerful and fun. It's rough because vintage has perhaps never been more hostile to our favorite little artificer; Misstep, Ballista, Revoker, and the power of graveyard hate today compared to a decade ago all work against him.

In response, I sometimes run 1-2 Cavern of Souls to dodge Misstep. In addition, Daretti sidesteps Revoker on welder and guarantees at least one weld before eating it to a Ballista. Grave-hate is rough, but Tezzeret cares not for it.

I play Gifts when I don't want an uphill battle vs the entire meta.

Gifts because every game is unique and interesting. And I enjoy brewing/honing combo/control decks

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I'm playing Jaco Drazi because I want to have a deck for sanctioned play and Power is just not in the cards (hehe) for me right now ...

Also I do enjoy the deck. When it works, it's really fun to play. When it doesn't ... not so much. But that's like a lot of decks.


I am playing baral gifts (based on desolusionists list) with Chart a Course and mana leak.

Very fun and games go a lot of ways.

@pox22 Sounds fun. would you mind sharing a list ?

Ritual Storm with 3 Bargains, because i love the TPS/DPS/Ritual Storm Archetype and with enough experience and the right meta adjustments you can absolutely win the majority of your games, even though it is an uphill battle.
But my very small local meta is getting hostile and one of the players (Oath) packs 2 flusters and 3 Mindbreak Traps main deck (and another in the sideboard) in addition to the MM and Force package just because our meta is small enough that he expects to play against me every time we play Vintage. Not really sure how to handle that kind of behavior without embracing an inbred meta...any tips?

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@aelien Switch to shops occasionally, and just laugh at him

@aelien I'm guessing you're already maxed out, but in my experience Defense Grid is backbreaking against decks overindexing on Misstep, Fluster, Mindbreak. If they can't Force of Will it, it turns their entire deck off. I would never run fewer than 3 maindeck in modern vintage. A mix of Grids and Duress-effects have made me feel really comfortable in control matchups.

Collective Brutality is a neat addition to this gameplan that can also dodge everything but Force of Will to clear the way for landing a Grid (though I don't know that I would run a full set of these)

@brass-man Defense Grid is an insane magic card, should have some applications outside of ritual storm even, played against a PO list the other day that had some main deck

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