MKM Series dropping Vintage

  • According to the schedule of MKM Frankfurt and pretty obvious by looking at the banners, MKM Series is dropping Vintage as a Main Event, hosting only a 4 round event and on Friday to boot, at least that day one will not have to pay the "entrance to the venue" fee. To be fair attendance was quite low unless a group (Spanish players usually) decided to travel to attend one in a foreign country.

    Less tournaments is always bad, but this might make Vintage players more willing to attend the few we have left (two Ovinos, Nebraska War and the ?eventual? EW EU) whose TOs hopefully will want to capitalize on that by improving the quality.

    On a side note Nebraska War had more players for Vintage on Friday than Old School on Saturday, hopefully next year we'll have the better day slot for an even bigger turn out.

  • Perhaps someone else can find the statement but I believe this was done because WotC wouldn't give premiere status to their Vintage event.

  • Apparently it was just due to low attendance and the lack of any profit.

  • TMD Supporter

    These are really sad news for the Eternal Euro circuit.

    There is no profit because things are poorly done and prices are ridiculous. Why I say that? Because BoM is a clear example of things done well, big entrance fees but corresponding prices.

    Vintage is dying in Europe, if these things start to happen, there is no turning back.

    Hope we can organize an Open in Barcelona sometime in the future for Vintage and OldSchool...I know it is not much, but at least it is better than nothing. If we can do it as isolated individuals, a great organization like MKM or BoM should also try at least to keep the community alive.

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