4/29 - Astoria, NY - Friday Night Magic Unsanctioned at The Geekery HQ

  • This event is being held on the last Friday for the month of April. The May event will take place again on the 2nd Friday of the month, May 13.

    Date: FRIDAY, April 29

    Format: Vintage, 4 rounds of Swiss
    Start time: 7:30pm
    Entry: $15
    4-0: 12 packs of latest set, one Beta basic land (VG)
    3-0-1: 9 packs of latest set, one Beta basic land (VG)
    3-1: 6 packs
    2-2: 2 packs

    Additional Beta basic lands (HP) will be randomly given away to Vintage participants just for showing up.

    Players may choose to take $2.50 store credit in place of a pack.

    15 proxy unsanctioned

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