6/4 - Long Island, New York - N.Y.S.E. Open IV

  • Are you ready for one of the best Vintage events of the year?


    N.Y.S.E. Open IV

    15 proxy, non-sanctioned Vintage tournament.

    The top eight will be drafting power nine based on final standings in the event! This means that you'll have a chance to draft the following cards if you make top eight:


    Unlimited Black Lotus
    Unlimited Ancestral Recall
    Unlimited Time Walk
    Unlimited Mox Sapphire
    Unlimited Mox Jet
    Unlimited Mox Ruby
    Unlimited Mox Emerald
    Unlimited Mox Pearl

    But the prize support doesn't end there:


    Mishra's Workshop


    English Legends Mana Drain

    While the price on power has shot up again since last year's power was purchased, I was able to pick up nearly all of the prize support at a reasonable cost. Maintaining the integrity of the prize support was important to me, as I think it helps make this event special.

    In addition to the main support, and in keeping with tradition, there will be a Karn, Silver Golem, altered by Poxy14 given out to the victor, one Karn given away to the best sportsman of the day, and a final Karn given out to a player of my choice:


    The N.Y.S.E. Open wouldn't be complete without the best trophy in Magic!



    Saturday, June 4th 2016
    9:00 am sign-in
    10:00 am start

    An important note about registration; registration will close on Friday, 6/3, at midnight. This is to help ensure that our judges are able to quickly and efficiently process the player meeting seating and round one pairings. If this is a problem for you, please reach out to me directly and we'll ensure that you're registered in time.


    Brothers Grim Games and Collectibles
    1244 Middle Country Rd
    Selden, NY
    (631) 698-2805

    Team Event:

    Magic is a great game, but most of the time it's a solitary one. Team events are some of the most fun events in Magic, and there will be another team event at N.Y.S.E. Open IV.

    The entry is free. In order to play as a team, three players will list their team name and participants on their deck registration sheets (in clearly visible manner). There will be a trophy, engraved to note your team victory at the N.Y.S.E. Open IV. Points will be calculated by the total number of match points that a team receives.

    For example, if a team has three players who finish with the following records:




    That team would receive three points for each win (for a total of 39 points off the wins), with an additional point received for the draw (for a grand total of 40 points). Losses have no point value.

    Best of luck to all the teams!


    If you're a T/O, and you want to run a qualifier to the N.Y.S.E Open, reach out to me via PM and we can discuss details.

    There will be qualifiers throughout the Mid Atlantic, New England, and, hopefully, beyond. I will keep this section updated as we add qualifier events to the calendar.

    N.Y.S.E. Open IV Qualifiers:

    1. 4/9 - Team Serious Open:

    1. 4/10 - Comic Book Depot:

    1. 4/17 - The Geekery - New York Old School Tournament:


    1. 4/30 - The Player's Guild:

    1. 5/7 - Black Magic Gaming:

    1. 5/28 - Flip Side Gaming - New York Old School Tournament:

    FlipSide Gaming
    1 Barney Rd #200, Clifton Park, NY 12065
    (518) 280-5734

    1. 5/28 - Pandemonium Books and Games:


    N.Y.S.E. Open III Qualifier Victors & Pre-Registered Players:

    1 A., David
    2 Anthony, Shawn
    3 Attmore, Brett
    4 Balakrishnan, Vasu
    5 Beaver, Jeremy
    6 Beckert, Justin
    7 Berry, Craig
    8 Bevenour, Matt
    9 Bradley, Scott
    10 Brennan, Joe
    11 Brophy, Sullivan
    12 Brotzman, Michael
    13 Burke, Benjamin
    14 Butker, Josh
    15 Came, Sean
    16 Canzanella, Michael
    17 Capobianco, Alex
    18 Chang, Roland
    19 Compton, Travis
    20 Conway, Scott
    21 Cummings, Nicholas
    22 Daliapes, Tom
    23 Danis, Chris
    24 Davidoff, Nate
    25 Dayton, Will
    26 Deering, Matthew
    27 Demers, Hugo
    28 DiFebo, Dom
    29 DiJohn, Nick
    30 DiLiberto, Matt
    31 Dobbin, Zach
    32 Dumoulin, Vincent
    33 Eckert, Mike
    34 Espinoza, Daniel
    35 Fain, Jeremy
    36 Farias, Andrew
    37 Feingersh, Ben
    38 Fenstermaker, Bradley
    39 Fenton, Greg
    40 Ferrante, Andrew
    41 Ferrante, Chris
    42 Fisher, John
    43 Fisher, Ryan
    44 Fitzgerald, Maura
    45 Forino, Raffaele
    46 Forino, Vincent
    47 French, Shawn
    48 Friedman, Danny
    49 Gibson, Travis
    50 Geras, Jon
    51 Gerlitz, Christian
    52 Glackin, Ryan
    53 Gould, Dan
    54 Grasso, AJ
    55 Grudzina, John
    56 Gutkin, Bradley
    57 Hangley, Jimmy
    58 Hanson, Chris
    59 Harris, Michael
    60 Harris, Visna
    61 Harvey, Stephen
    62 Hayden, Trevor
    63 Herbig, Michae
    64 Hillman, Leel
    65 Hoffman, Mason
    66 Hoffman, Nathaniel
    67 Hornung, Mark
    68 Husney, Evan
    69 Iovino, Tom
    70 Jaco, Jason
    71 Kaplan, David
    72 Kasten, Jordan
    73 Kelly, Brian
    74 Kibner, Alex
    75 Kitchen, Jack
    76 Koeppicus, Garrett
    77 Kohler, JP
    78 Kohler, Justin
    79 Koprowski, John
    80 Kwok, Cosmo
    81 Lalo, Josh
    82 LaPlante, Travis
    83 Lax, Ari
    84 Levy, Seth
    85 Leone, Jonathan
    86 Liberati, Bernie
    87 Lim, Joel
    88 Long, Michael
    89 Loysen, Lucas
    90 Magrann, Will
    91 Mangus, Pete
    92 Markiton, Andrew
    93 Martin, Jesse
    94 Mason, Chris
    95 Mastriano, Paul
    96 McGrew, Steven
    97 McManis, Ellen
    98 Meckes, Josh
    99 Menendian, Stephen
    100 Metelsky, Tom
    101 Michaels, Anthony
    102 Miller, Daniel
    103 Monday, Jason
    104 Moran, Timothy
    105 Moss, Matt
    106 Moy, Mike
    107 Murray, Matt
    108 Nania, Anthony
    109 Nelson, Dan
    110 Nir, JD
    111 Normand, Jean-Francois
    112 Nunez, David
    113 O'Reilly, Brian
    114 Pankiewicz, Chris
    115 Parsinitz, Ralph
    116 Patalano, Chris
    117 Pellegrino, Mike
    118 Picozzo, Vito
    119 Potucek, Josh
    120 Pratt, Taylor
    121 Prendergast, Hunter
    122 Probasco, Andy
    123 Rambo, Zach
    124 Reichert, Samantha
    125 Reitnauer, Dave
    126 Riggs, Nathaniel
    127 Ritter, Brian
    128 Rivera, Sergio
    129 Robillard, Ray
    130 Roncoroni, Seth
    131 Rottenberg, Brian
    132 Rozecki, Jonathan
    133 Scheffenacker, Michael
    134 Schlossberg, Brian
    135 Scott, Amanda
    136 Seals, Keith
    137 Seccareccia, Mark
    138 Seco, Daniel
    139 Seveno, Ben
    140 Sharkey, Jim
    141 Shay, Rich
    142 Silverstein, Zacharie
    143 Sorrentino, Mike
    144 Stroke, Shawn
    145 Suarez, Jonathan
    146 Matthew Szczeblewski
    147 Tartamella, Chris
    148 Tejada, Rafael
    149 Tian, Yuan
    150 Timmons, Patrick
    151 Tocco, Mark
    152 Trevisan, Thiago
    153 Turk, Adam
    154 Turner, Barrett
    155 Van Der Ploeg, Kris
    156 Wagnon, Benjamin
    157 Walker, Andrew
    158 Zavoluk, Alex
    159 Zhong, Hank

    This list will be updated a few times a week from here on out to reflect the number of pre-registrations and victors. I sincerely recommend pre-registering for this event. We currently have 100 players listed as going on the Facebook page, another 180 players listed as interested, another 160 on top of that invited. While not all of them will show, this also doesn't take into account those who have registered (or are registering) and are not part of the Facebook page. We max out at 200 players. This is a hard limit. I fully expect that we will hit this limit, so if you want to play, please register soon.

    Pre-Registration & On-Site Registration:

    Entry for the event is $100 to all pre-registrants. Pre-registration is non-refundable. Pre-registration will open up Monday January 4th, and will close on Sunday, May 8th at 11:59. If there are any open spots left, there will be a registration period open until the last spot has been filled. Entry will be $125 per person. If you know you're going to make it, please pre-register and save yourself the extra $25!


    Most everyone on these forums knows what a proxy is. A proxy, for the N.Y.S.E. Open, will be defined as the following:

    A Magic: the Gathering card with the full name, card type (instant, sorcery, land, artifact, creature, enchantment, planeswalker), full mana cost and text [b]clearly displayed[/b]. This can be done in one of two ways:

    1. Using a Sharpie, not pen or pencil, to fill in the required text on a card where it can clearly be read. (Revised lands are excellent for this, new commons and uncommons aren't usually, as they're darker, and far tougher to read.)

    2. Using acetone to remove certain text from a card that's close to the intended proxy (i.e. Lotus Bloom, with certain words removed to proxy a Black Lotus, Ancestral Visions with certain words removed to proxy an Ancestral Recall).

    [b]Take pride in your proxies![/b] Your opponents should know at all times what your proxies are.

    Using 15 Swamps to make your proxies is a bad idea, as it's going to create confusion. If you're proxying Moxen, please use a land from each appropriate color to make a proxy for each according Mox (i.e., your Mox Sapphire is on an Island, your Mox Jet is on a Swamp, your Mox Pearl is on a Plains, etc.).

    Please use your best judgment when creating your proxies; we know what will and what won't be easily recognizable. Your opponents should never be at a disadvantage because you don't own the cards. There is nothing wrong with using proxies as you slowly pick up the cards that you need to play Vintage, but please consider your opponents while you're making them, as we're out to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. One of my favorite aspects of the Vintage community is that we look out for each other, whether it's constant vigilance to counter potential thievery, or the day to day stuff that mostly goes unnoticed. Let's all do what we can to make this event special for our fellow aficionados of Magic's greatest format.

    If you're worried that your proxies may not pass muster, please speak to the head judge of the event [b]before[/b] the event starts. Leave enough time to create new proxies, if necessary.

    [u]Using paper printouts of card faces and gluing them to cards is not acceptable! This alters the thickness of the cards, making the cards marked for all intents and purposes. Please don't do this, as the judges will be instructed to consider these as marked cards, and enforce punishment according to DCI Competitive REL event regulations![/u]

    Site Security:

    Theft is always a concern, even if theft has never been a problem at one of my events before. I feel that the security that we have had at the first three N.Y.S.E. Opens was exactly what was needed. All players will be given wristbands that will be used to associate them with their corresponding bags. You will not be able to leave with someone else's bag, and any time you leave the venue, your wristbands will be checked. If you feel like it's a hassle, please remember that this is a measure that is meant to ensure that you, and all your friends, leave with everything that you brought. Security is helping keep this a positive experience for everyone, so please be kind, and remember that they're just doing their job!

    To any potential thieves, God help you if you're caught stealing. There are cameras recording every corner of this venue; you will be caught, you will be arrested, charges will be pressed, it will be a horrific experience for you and it will stay with you for a while. Let's not walk this path.

    Artist Appearance:

    We are lucky enough to have one of the all-time great Magic artists coming to this event! Jeff Menges will forever be known for cards like Swords to Plowshares, Moat, Bazaar of Baghdad, Thawing Glaciers, Kjeldoran Outpost and much, much more. Jeff will have prints, proofs and more for sale. For a full list of Jeff's Magic cards, check here:


    Custom Playmats:

    Greg Fenton's playmats are stunningly beautiful, and the perfect mat for all fans of Magic's greatest format. Greg will have copies of this year's mat available:


    Here are the first two mats that Greg did for N.Y.S.E. Open II and N.Y.S.E. Open III:



    N.Y.S.E. Open IV playmats are $40 per, with an exceptionally limited quantity on hand for the day of the event.

    If you can't make the event, but you'd like to purchase a playmat, you're in luck! Greg will be pre-selling this year's N.Y.S.E. Open playmat.

    To purchase a playmat, please reach out to Greg here:


    I highly recommend buying a mat from Greg before the event, and picking up the mat the day of the tournament.

    N.Y.S.E. Open Shirts:

    As with last year, I have paired with Jason Jaco, and he will be producing a limited run of N.Y.S.E. Open IV t-shirts. Images will be up soon!

    N.Y.S.E. Open Dice:

    Finally, as with N.Y.S.E. Open III, there will be a limited run of dice produced commemorating the event. This year's dice will be in the same vein as last year's, with an update reflecting the proper Roman numeral for the event:


    Dice are $1 per. 30 dice will be available for sale at the Vintage FNM at Depot, the day prior to the main event, and the remaining dice will be available at Brother's Grim, the day of the main event.

    Friday Night Vintage:

    As with last year, the N.Y.S.E. Open isn't meant to be a solitary event, but a weekend of great Magic.

    There is no better way to start off N.Y.S.E. Open weekend than to have Friday Night Vintage at The Comic Book Depot.


    $10 entry, 15 proxy, non-sanctioned Vintage credit tournament.

    This is a five round tournament; at the end of five rounds, the four players with the best record (using tiebreakers) will receive a 25% split of all credit taken in.

    Prize support will scale with attendance.


    The Comic Book Depot
    2847 Jerusalem Avenue
    Wantagh, NY 11793-2016
    (516) 221-9337


    Friday, June 3rd
    6:00 pm registration
    6:30 pm start

    We aim to have everything wrapped up by 11:00 pm, which would guarantee everyone a full night's rest before the main event on Saturday.

    Finally, to close out the weekend, we will have an Old School tournament at The Comic Book Depot!

    Sunday Old School Magic:


    The Comic Book Depot
    2847 Jerusalem Avenue
    Wantagh, NY 11793-2016
    (516) 221-9337


    Sunday, June 5th
    11:00 am registration
    12:00 pm start


    $20, 15 proxy, un-sanctioned Old School tournament.

    Prize structure for twenty people:

    1st: $200 credit
    2nd: $100 credit
    3rd/4th: $50 credit

    $20 credit will be added to the prize pool for every entrant beyond the twentieth.

    This tournament will use New York Old School rules. For a full breakdown on just what that entails, please go here:



    Card Titan and Black Magic Gaming pay to be at the N.Y.S.E. Open, and they are integral to this event. Please, absolutely no buying and selling at the venue. If you have business to do with someone, please don't disrespect the dealers who paid to help make this event possible by conducting any sales/purchases on site. [i]Buying and selling in the venue is enough to get you a refund on your entry and an escort to the door, so please don't do it.

    There is a rather considerable amount of effort that goes into a weekend like this. We have the artist on site, custom playmats, the best Vintage dealers in the U.S. and more. Please thank all those involved in making this event possible, let alone the rousing success it has been these last few years. I couldn't do this event without all of their help.

    Questions, comments, concerns? Reach out to me via personal message on TMD or Facebook and I'll address all I can.

    In the meantime though, I hope to see you all in June!

  • Maybe I'm blind, but I don't see a link to the pre-reg page.

    Edit: I found it on another post, but probably should add it here (assuming I am in fact not blind)

  • @enderfall Sorry about that.

    The prereg link is:


  • as the winner of the 4/9 Team Serious Open qualifier I'm hoping to attend. http://themanadrain.com/topic/170/4-9-sandusky-ohio-team-serious-open

    it would be by far the most I've traveled for a tournament (8 hour drive at least) and going from Ohio to lonGisland is quite a feat. hopefully I will be able to carpool with someone.

  • @mediumsteve Hey Steve, congrats! Shoot me your last name and I'll add you to the pre-reg/qualifier winner list!

  • TMD Supporter

    I still want to try to make this. I don't know if I can, but I'm still going to try.

  • I was the Delver player from that tournament.

  • For those of you who were asking, the pre-reg list is current as of right now.

  • Updated the list of qualifiers. If I've missed you, please let me know.

  • @Prospero I believe the BMG event 5/7 is an NYSE qualifier

  • @darkr3x said:

    @Prospero I believe the BMG event 5/7 is an NYSE qualifier

    Added, in addition to the Boston NYSE qualifier at the end of May.

    The pre-registration list has also been updated.

    With roughly 50 people registered at the moment, there are around 140 spots left, given that qualifiers will eat up the remaining seats.

  • TMD Supporter

    I intend on chugging grey goose and chambord in between rounds. Those of you interested in burning your entry fee are welcome to join me hahahahahahahahahaha

  • For your 15-Proxy Main Event, will Collector's Edition and International Edition be allowed if your deck is double sleeved? I just invested a ton in such cards to hopefully play in Menendian's & Jaco's Old School tournaments. Either way, thanks for organizing such a cool event! :)

  • @Juggernaut-GO

    I hope your kidding

  • TMD Supporter

    @shawnthehero do you prefer ketel one instead?

  • @Juggernaut-GO

    Lemon Water for hydration and Coffee for focus

  • TMD Supporter

    @shawnthehero lol u square

  • TMD Supporter

    @shawnthehero i'm kidding I respect that

  • @TestDriveTim - I would want to confirm that with Paul Baranay, the head judge for the event. Are you part of the Facebook announcement for the event? Paul can be reached there (he doesn't have a TMD account last I knew).

  • Trying to figure out transportation options. Is there public transit to/from LGA or JFK? is ISP a decent airport?

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