I like this card. Especially if you're already running cards like REB, Fragmentize or disenchant. Flusterstorm can't touch it and I don't see many people wanting to fight over keeping it on the field. It's a more flexible option over cards like PO. We will see.

Is there some kind of tortured Sun Titan Oath deck packing Ray of Revelations that could use this as draw engine, bringing it back every upkeep/attack? I'd probably rather just win with Saheeli, but I can't otherwise see much use for this card.

@sodoyouwearacape Sun Titan really does seem like a fun way to use this. Is there any "Recurring Nightmare but for Enchantments" type card that could be used?

Otherwise, I think the best otherwise-played ways to maximize this card have already been mentioned; REB and white removal spells.

I think this card is better than we're giving it credit for.

Let's say you play this on turn 2 with two lands and a mox, and set aside 4-5 cards. Then, you draw 4-5 cards and Pyroblast the Induced Amnesia to get back those original 4-5 cards.

Hatching Plans is another card very similar that has looked powerful in the past. So with 8 "Hatching Plans", playing 4 Pyroblast, alongside a number of Abjure/Perilous Research/Smokestack, you could have a powerful draw engine.

@MaximumCDawg basically said the same thing

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@desolutionist That's what I was saying. The potential upside to this card is really, really high. Like, drawing 4 - 6 cards high. That makes me think its something we should at least keep in mind.

Compared to Hatching Plans:

  1. Amnesia can be used offensively if you really need to disrupt your opponent to resolve something;
  2. Amnesia does something by itself, Plans does not.
  3. Plans does something if you have zero cards in hand, Amnesia does not.
  4. They cost basically the same, with UU being harder to generate than U2. (EDIT: WHOOPS I AM DUMB)
  5. Amnesia can help you draw into the sacrifice outlet / REB by itself in a pinch, Plans does not.

On balance, I think Amnesia is a superior card and I'm eager to brew with it.

EDIT: LOL yes I did, Desolutionist!

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I agree with that, but Plans is 1U, not UU. It actually has a very desirable mana cost for this meta.

@desolutionist Whoops! I'm dumb. The better casting cost on Hatching Plans actually brings the cards closer together in power level, and that makes me worried... since no one plays Plans...


But Plans has been played to success relative to the testing platforms back then. From my accounts the reason it never took off as a real deck was because you had to build your deck around 4 cards; if you didn’t draw plans, you weren’t doing what you wanted to do. I think having 4 more “Plans” justifies revisiting the strategy,

Playing this card in a league right now. Initial impressions are really impressive. First one goes for about 5-7 cards. Second one draws about 9, and the third one is for 15 (game). Reminds me of Paradoxical in the way that they chain into each other for more and more cards. It's also hard to interact with. The best card it seems against it is Leyline of the Void. The best card to counter is Perilous Research.

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@desolutionist care to share the list later Shawn? I would really like to test this as well and trust your knowledge about deck building much more than mine : )


My list sucks. I just slapped it together pretty much. I opted for a Painter shell so that Abjure and Pyroblast have more range.

@desolutionist ok, fair enough. Maybe I'll have to give it a go myself : )

This card is gonna make trickbind good. Ok, maybe.

Been testing this card a bit and, I don't know, I'm leaning towards it not rely being any good. A paradoxical outcome it is not. It does not net you any mana at all, or even break even, which means you might manage to draw a bunch of cards but struggle to have sufficient mana to do anything with them that turn. So in a deck full of fast mana I would use paradoxical above induced amnesia every time. Maybe Fastbond could help a bit, but still get the feeling we are crossing the river for water. Any other first impressions out there?


Yes maybe in a vacuum, Outcome presents an easier path to take if your mission is just sleeve something up and draw cards.

So just to be clear, you also experienced drawing a lot of cards with Induced Amnesia? You just didn’t have mana?

@desolutionist Yeah, I drew cards like crazy so that wasn't the problem, clearly the mana. But still early days testing it out.

I've carried on doing a bit more testing. Now I skipped the storm shell and tried tuning a mentor/pyromancer list with induced amnesia as draw engine/token generator. Colors UWRG to support Fastbond and one Sylvan Library and ancient grudges in sideboard to have a shot against Shops. Ways to get rid of IA are 4 x pyroblast and 3 Active volcano (can also be used as a tempo play to set opponent back on land drops) in main deck, and 4 x simplify in sideboard since it pulls double duty against oath. For sure a "for fun" deck but not too shabby results thus far. Obscene card drawing sometimes, so much that I contemplated running one copy of learn from the past to not deck myself 🙂

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Why not Nature’s Claim rather than Active Volcano? Ray of Revalation? Have you tried Abjure or Hatching Plans?

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@desolutionist good point. I thought about focusing things to red for some reason, and try weird/surprising cards, and just overlooked nature's claim (though I usually have those in my sideboard). I've tested abjure and it might come back in, it sometimes just felt that I wasn't entirely in control of when I cracked my induced amnesia, but that's probably more of an issue when hoping to storm of in one turn. Ray of revelation is really smart due to the flashback so you have one in the graveyard for destroying the next induced amnesia with. I'll definitely test that.

I don't know that this is necessarily Vintage-relevant, but I put this card into a casual deck to experiment. I can vouch for the fact that, if you have an Auratog on the battlefield, a control deck packing Hatching Plans and Induced Amnesia draws so many cards.

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