Brass Man's Eternal Weekend 2017 Report

  • @senor_bisquick thanks!

    I'm definitely not always the classy guy when it comes to MtG, so writing/reading stuff like this is a good reminder to myself about how important that stuff is.

  • This is a great report and I thank you for taking the time to write it, edit it, and offer it to us. I loved the style, the transitions and it was a fun read. Even better, it equally conjures the atmosphere of a EW for a veteran and someone who has never been to one before. Great read!

    P.S. I especially liked the insights into your thoughts ("does this player know me?" "Is having Kess be my only foil suspicious?", etc). Really added a lot to the story.

  • @Brass-Man in reference to the Hurkyl’s Recall ownership play. Anyway, from a personal perspective I like for my players to call me out on my mistakes. I obviously don’t speak for everyone, but I feel if an opponent lets me make the mistake, I’m more likely to learn from said mistake. I don’t like taking things back in a tournament setting. We’ve all made mistakes, so I think it was a good learning opportunity for your opponent.

    After all, I am pretty awesome at making a lot of boneheaded mistakes. One might say exceptionally good.

    Obviously he might think differently and curses you before going to bed and plots his revenge.

  • Awesome report.

    Thing that stood out the most: strong sense of melancholy - which is somehow what I often feel with Magic too.

  • Great report - thanks @Brass-Man . As @mugginsman said, it was kinda nice getting this a few months after the fact, really brought me back to EW.

  • Beautiful.

  • @Brass-Man great report, would love to get together with team serious one day for a few drinks but unfortunately im just a casual vintage player and not ready for anything more than an occasional local vintage FNM where I usually lose. Maybe I'll swing by the next NYSE and say hello since I'm on LI. Keep up the good work!

  • @mcfreiz By what you said, while I'm not on Team Serious :-( , it sounds like you're more on their wave length then not. It's not about being great at vintage. :)

    *Edit: Now it sounds like I said you're a bad player. Haha Totally not what I meant... walking away now.

  • Great report, Andy. Reminded me of some of the old TMD.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • @mcfreiz are you in ohio or nearby? Come to the next tso, I think it is Sandusky!

  • @mdkubiak no offense taken, since watching VSL I know I have a lot to learn. I stepped away from the game for almost 20 years and just got back into it a couple years ago but it's hard to find the time

    @garbageaggro thanks for the offer but I'm on Long Island NY.

  • I very much enjoyed this report! I wish we had more of these. Let's be honest, talk about strategy can be enlightening, but it's usually dry to read. This piece on the other hand was a lot of fun and gave me a better insight of what kind of person you are and how Vintage is played in the New World.

  • @wintage Usually dry to the point of being like reading sandpaper.

  • Great article, you write very well.

    Reminds me of my old T.S. teammates whom I haven't seen in over 4 years. There's almost 0 Vintage in the Iowa area, I've actually been reduced to driving up to MN for the occasional Legacy tourney.



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