@bazaarofbaghdad Regrowth into is a common play because you net +1 mana (it's not Manamorphose which nets 0 mana). I also mentioned PWs - but there's also artifacts, which are common hate in the format. Anyway, Regrowth is zero played, so this is almost a non-discussion because we're just spitballing what it could do, not what it actually does in the format.

I disagree that UU is easy for a deck to support. 1U is because of Moxen. UU is hard. Nowadays almost every spell we play costs just U so tapping that extra UU pseudo-doubles the cost of this. I'm not saying 1G is easy, but I this both are just as problematic.

About Snapcaster, I meant it'll never replace it as a staple card. Come on. EVERY card can be better than another if you craft a perfect scenario/deck for it.

I'll nod that this is easier than Regrowth to chain Gushes. Gro-a-tog would've loved this in the 2000s. Right now the cost feels steep and hard to pay for an effect no one really wants right now.

I don't love the card and I won't be testing it myself.

However, I do think it's worth mentioning ... if you're going to build around it, the first cast doesn't really have any serious advantage over Snapcaster Mage, JVP, etc. It only really has any value when you're casting them in multiples. Therefore, this is a card you likely run at 4 or 0.

Lack of synergy with Baral is a deal-breaker.

@ribby ...unless you're not running Baral.

@bazaarofbaghdad yes, true. I guess I just see the main payoff of Regrowth over Snapcaster Mage being its better rate with Baral.

Yes, of course there are other considerations, and maybe that could tip this over the edge of playability. But rate is still really important and this card falls short there.

If this was an instant this would be a format staple. As a sorcery, I doubt it will see much play.

This seems like a great card for a gifts deck that wants to be heavily blue and no green. Almost blue?

Are there any situations you would want to burning wish for it?

@bazaarofbaghdad players are legally obligated to play with Baral. You could say that he has us all bent over a Baral.

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