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    @nedleeds If you just started playing mental misstep, you could use it to counter all the missteps that are keeping it down. The solution is probably more missteps not less. Think of mental misstep as Malort. Sure Malort is terrible, especially if you just sample it occasionally or have some asshole force it on you. But if you get your own bottle, and you start forcing it on others, before long you find that it is not only fulfilling, but actually rather enjoyable.

    Mental Misstep, the Malort of Counter Magic.

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    Posting here to remind myself to enter the discussion when I have more time

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    I've been pretty burned out lately. It's super hard to find the time and energy to play (sometimes when I have free time I'm so tired that I don't want to play). I used to play and write my articles during late nights and early mornings, but that is just too much for me now.

    Once things get a bit better I will be back to my old self. I still think that the format and community is a great thing.

  • Vintage burned me out after Eternal Weekend - I spent a LOT of time preparing (which showed with my 10th place), but I just found myself disinterested with Vintage afterwords.

    I actually built some Pauper decks, played Old School (Budget MonoBlack for First Place out of 55 in Madison) and built a Modern deck.

    I lost a love in Vintage lately, but I found a new love of just playing magic.

    I will be back to Vintage in the spring as I prepare for NYSE.

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    @13nova I could never see myself spending so much time preparing and exhausting myself on a format. While I'm sure my place would greatly improve, I would lose interested and get bored easily.

    I love vintage and I want to play it when I get a chance, but I never want to get to the place where I'm playing it constantly. I like my vintage being a sometimes thing. It's possible part of that is I don't have a super local community and I have to drive hours to go to a tournament and when you are doing 3-5 hours for a tournament, that doesn't want me to play often. That is just exhausting. I love the people though.

    I've been finding I love magic in general myself. I play a lot of EDH, I'm starting to dabble into pauper (and loving it- I thought it was going to be this magic light format, but it's really not). I'm pleasantly surprised how awesome pauper has been when I've played it.

    I still want to play at champs and I want to do well. I just couldn't put in the efforts that the most skilled players do.

  • @mdkubiak Pay attention to my twitter - either tonight or tomorrow I'll post my pauper and modern lists. Hint, a whole lot of squiggling, and not many (note: 0) english letters.

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    @13nova said in Vintage Feelings:

    Vintage burned me out after Eternal Weekend - I spent a LOT of time preparing (which showed with my 10th place), but I just found myself disinterested with Vintage afterwords.

    “Disinterested” does not mean “uninterested.”

    In any case I understand your sentiment and share it to some extent. Although I like the vintage leagues, I haven’t played more than a few matches since vintage champs.

    For me the bigger issue is that I haven’t played in a vintage challenge since I think June. Going from a monthly to a weekly cycle has deflated my interest almost entirely. I would make a much stronger effort to play if it was once a month.

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    People in the vintage community have been trashing non traditional ideas since I started playing this format competitively in 2003.

    This website, for example, used to be so toxic with it's moderation, they basically chased everyone away and all that was left was just that small clique of clowns who really just wanted to shit on people together.

    The best advice I can give is to keep holding on to the closest personal connections you have made in the community, the rest are just superficial and just want to be friends with you because you are a good magic player or a "personality."

    The tournaments themselves have really become the worst part of vintage. The dinner afterwards, the car pool ride home, hanging out with people you see once a year, those are all experiences that can't be replaced.

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    @juggernaut-go I cannot speak to what occurred years ago. I've only been here since @Brass-Man was running TMD and @Islandswamp introduced me into my first vintage deck (Grixis Thieves baby).

    There is a certainly a level of cliques in vintage or anything like that for that matter (lets be honest there, it's true). I think to a point, most people can be at least a little bit at fault on this (except me... yeah... yeah), as we can be a bit protective (if not over protective) of our true friends and playgroups in vintage. In all seriousness, I do value my local play group a lot and wouldn't change that part of vintage. It's what keeps me going, otherwise, I would probably cash in my vintage collection and just play other formats.

    Finding my wife and starting building a life with her as changed things for me. I haven't lost my interest in magic per say, but the time I have allotted to playing magic and focusing on it (a common problem, I'm sure). I have time to watch streams more than I have had time to play, which I actually do love doing (even if for 5-15 minutes). That's why pauper in itself has started to interest me. It's super cheap, I can play online when I have time, and I don't have to fork over 500 dollars to play a deck I'm interested in. It's actually quite the in depth format in itself too with some excellent game play, much more than some people realize.

    @Smmenen What vintage leaks are you referring too?

  • @Smmenen Correct. I am not uninterested in Vintage, but I am disinterested.

    Uninterested would suggest I am not paying any attention to Vintage or have no care for vintage.

    Disinterested suggests that I am just currently not influenced by Vintage.

    I will be back to Vintage (Around NYSE most likely) but for now I'm playing more Modern.

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    @13nova what are you playing in modern?

  • I started out this year pumped about Vintage. I have a unique spot in life to put more time into playing and I want to play at a very high level.

    I put out a post about a month ago on how to become a better player and one piece of advice was to play MTGO.

    I tried it and it is killing my love of the game. I think that I'm a paper player and I like player interaction when it comes to playing cards.

    I like thinking about the possible in this game and not focusing of limits. There are so many decks that I have built and never played because of the meta-game and I'm ok with that.

    I have never really considered selling out on paper but I am ready to sellout online. I'm not sure if it is similar to your feelings but when I lose to Ben ( @Shaman-Ben ), Kevin Cron ( @CHA1N5 ) or any of the other people I play in person I know I was out played, and I'm good with that.

    I am hating playing online because I do not get that interaction or any feeling of fulfillment just frustration.

  • @moorebrother1 My life, and the life of others on MTGO if I'm being honest, became MUCH Better when I sold MTGO and dedicated to paper-only magic play.

  • @mdkubiak Jeskai Control.

    I owned Snaps and Fetches, so the rest of it was a good fill-in.

    Also, I love playing decks that win on turn 5, but end the game on turn 25.

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    @13nova Heh, you're playing the right deck than. 🙂 I wouldn't mind getting back to Modern, but I don't have a lot of inclination to play another format at the moment. I started building Legacy Elves last year, but I'm still shy quite a bit to fully build it money wise (obviously the Cradle's). Though, I'm not sure how often I'd play regardless. That's my hesitation on building this legacy deck or starting a modern one. Do I want to spend MORE money on something I'll use rarely?

  • @mdkubiak I hear you there. I built Legacy Tezzator for fun and have not played since I built it.

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    @moorebrother1 For what it's worth, I find streaming MTGO much more satisfying and fulfilling than just playing MTGO. It's much more social -- you're usually getting questions or suggestions from friends in your chat. (But it's also a lot harder to play well / not time out / keep track of things, and it's definitely not for everyone.)

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    @moorebrother1 Yeah, I'm like 15 cards from the default list I'm building from, which is still about 60-70 percent of the cost (I'm guessing). 4 Gaea's Cradle, couple cheap lands, fetch lands, 1 more bayou and a couple of random creatures, instants. But it's like, damn. lol Well, if they ever restrict workshop, I'd have the money to finish it (or buy a bunch of duals again haha).

    In the mean time, I'll play EDH with friends, pauper online, and vintage when I can.

  • @moorebrother1 I think that there is a certain weight to having the cards in paper/person as well that just can never be there on MTGO. You either have to have quite the tenure, have traded like mad to get in or just really threw a lot of cash at the game to play paper vintage - that requires a lot more dedication to the format than someone who easily acquires the digital alternative ...

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    @themonadnomad Modern collection, many bluedual lands, fetch lands, planeswalkers, modern decks, etc. I play 2 Card Monte, no duals needed. But now I have a complete set of power and 4 workshops. 🙂