@moorebrother1 Yeah, I'm like 15 cards from the default list I'm building from, which is still about 60-70 percent of the cost (I'm guessing). 4 Gaea's Cradle, couple cheap lands, fetch lands, 1 more bayou and a couple of random creatures, instants. But it's like, damn. lol Well, if they ever restrict workshop, I'd have the money to finish it (or buy a bunch of duals again haha).

In the mean time, I'll play EDH with friends, pauper online, and vintage when I can.

@moorebrother1 I think that there is a certain weight to having the cards in paper/person as well that just can never be there on MTGO. You either have to have quite the tenure, have traded like mad to get in or just really threw a lot of cash at the game to play paper vintage - that requires a lot more dedication to the format than someone who easily acquires the digital alternative ...

@themonadnomad Modern collection, many bluedual lands, fetch lands, planeswalkers, modern decks, etc. I play 2 Card Monte, no duals needed. But now I have a complete set of power and 4 workshops. ๐Ÿ™‚

MTGO does not work for me. It takes away too much of what drives me to play. I appreciate that it exists for other people, but the thing that keeps me playing vintage is our monthly gatherings and community. If not for that, i would probably just be playing oldschool at my house.


I agree. MTGO definitely (as everyone knows) does not work for me. I enjoy the human aspect more - and I tend to actually think of what I say with my mouth more than what I say with my keyboard, so that's a plus.

@shaman-ben I donโ€™t play mtgo for vintage, but Iโ€™m loving pauper on it. That has reinvigorated me in magic.

I'm at a point in my life where being able to play Magic is a luxury that I can't afford to do with drama involved. I deleted my Twitter account and Reddit account that I was primarily using for Magic related topics, because the Magic "culture" portrayed on those channels isn't the Magic that I encounter in real life, with this Left vs Right culture war permeating everything online. The internet of the late 90s seemed so much more exciting for us Magic players, now it's hard for me to stay interested in any social media because it so easily falls off track.

I'll stick to the Vintage Facebook group and this website, and other sites like Eternal Central for my article fix.. I mostly lurk on both of them, but at least they don't have all the drama on them (well, not as much drama, i'd say).

Just had a taste of the current vintage "community" on MODO last night myself. I played in the tournament practice room just to kill time while overseeing a panel discussion at work (it was boring). Obviously, I could not focus too much and made a big mistake in the game. Sure it was a stupid play and I immediately noticed it myself and just laughed at myself in the chat. Opponent replied by writing that I was too stupid to ready (he meant read but apparently can't learn English properly himself...) what the cards do. Then he quit. I mean, what does a reply like that accomplish? Does that make him feel good? By being a jerk? I was just baffled... nonetheless, I still feel that the community is generally good and very friendly and welcoming. It's just that one bad incident like the one I had undoes so much of the good stuff in the community in one instance.

Yeah, I guess it's all symptomatic of the Greater Internet Fuckhead Theory: anonymity+poor socialization+lack of consequences=acting like a flaming anus online. Most people aren't like that IRL, so I tend to play paper Magic exclusively. But no vintage in my area, so I console myself with Legacy and looking down my nose at Modern and Standard players.

@dr-j Personally I find Modern to be awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I would love to play vintage online and I would get a lot more out of it, but it's really hard for me to want to justify paying the price of an online deck at the moment.

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