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    When I first came into vintage, it was a new world with new (old) cards that I’ve never gotten to play. I got to play power! Cards I said I never said I would ever own, let alone play. I was excited, I was thrilled, trying out this new world. People were classy and nice to me – people like Joe Fiorini who helped me pick out my first deck. I got to know people, I got to make new friends, and I discovered a local tournament across state. I was enamored by what I perceived to be a group of mature, helpful people. There were some bad apples in the group, but what group of people doesn’t have that?

    Things changed at some point. I can’t pinpoint the exact time, but I started to notice people weren’t as nice as I initially thought.

    I’m guessing the rose tinted glass came off. People dogged my ideas, my decks, people that enjoy the VSL, and the didn't seem to have any interest in vintage’s growth. Hell, I’ve been told that I shouldn’t voice my opinion, because I don’t play as often as other people do. That my opinion meant nothing. Some people promote their Meta and group of players as the authority on the format. Kind of like an old school boys club.

    For example, I’ve been told multiple times that I should not play Painter decks, because Painter is a bad card. I’ve always recognized Painter is not a tier 1 strategy (or tier 2 for that matter), but it’s where I have the most fun. That didn’t matter to these people. They had the attitude if you aren’t playing a tier 1 deck, you’re doing vintage wrong.

    On a side note, I would argue Painter is a good card and Grindstone is a bad card. I just love how Painter interacts with the game at an angle no other card does, so I will continue to play the card because I have fun with it. I am certainly not a tier 1 skilled player and I'm under no delusion I will win a major tournament with this deck. I just want to play what I want to play. I'll admit, this does go against the part of me that wants to win and getting enjoyment only out of winning, so I do have internal conflict with myself on this, but that's another topic for another day.

    B/R discussions are train wreck syndrome for me. They are broken, ugly, and dirty, but I can’t help but stare.

    It’s why I rarely post anymore on the Facebook group or the Mana Drain at this point in time. I’ve been told by people to ignore it, to not let it bother me, but that’s just not the type of person I am. I’ve done the best I can by just turning off all notifications from the Vintage Facebook group unless I feel inclined to post on the site. I still support the Mana Drain, because I believe in the site and what it is. I just see myself viewing the site less and less over time. 95 percent of my viewing of this site anymore is it's still my homepage on my browser, so technically I visit it because of that. Heh.

    I have honestly gotten to the point at times where I contemplated (though immediately not that seriously) about selling out. I don’t plan to do it, but it’s a thought that crossed my mind, which in the past it never did.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love the format. It's still my favorite. If it wasn’t for the people like Andy Probasco ( @Brass-Man ), Ben Perry ( @Shaman-Ben ), Kevin Cron ( @CHA1N5 ), Aaron Katz, and many others, I may have walked away from the format. They make vintage what I envision vintage to be. A fun format where I get to sling the most powerful cards in the format's history.

    I probably talk to Andy and Ben more about my personal life than anybody else in the vintage community (whether they like it or not haha), because they make me feel comfortable and welcoming.

    The best times I’ve had in vintage have actually not been the games (though they have been awesome), but some of the dinners I had after a tournament where everybody has gotten together that played. We joked, we discuss our mistakes, the Meta, where we think things are going, and whatever else. There is no anger, there is no venom, no judging, just people being good people. Those moments have been a blast and put such a huge smile on my face. Those moments remind me why I love vintage.

    Sometimes I do believe I love talking strategy, card selections, mana curves, side boarding, more than I actually do enjoy playing the game. I love playing the game, but I find it so much fun talking the game, which is why I think I get along so well with Andy (@Brass-Man).

    Maybe part of these issues I have is my anxiety issues and OCD issues. Maybe I take things out of context sometimes (I’m sure I have) and have said some stupid things. I’m sure that’s part of my reasoning, but I think it would be foolish to put the whole stock on what I’ve felt to be because of that. At best it would be a small percentage.

    I just think as a community we can do a better job of welcoming people to the format. Honestly, I’ve been at fault myself for making mistakes and getting into petty arguments and being part of the problem. This is not a call out to everybody else and not me, I’m not perfect myself. Maybe its wishful thinking that we could grow as a community, but it’s still something that should all strive for.

  • Sounds like you're looking for fulfillment or satisfaction. You're not going to find it in Magic, Vintage, or discussions thereon. As great as they are, they're niche-fillers at best. Take them for what they do offer, ignore the bad parts, and above all, don't let them drag you down or create new voids. It's easy for me to set Magic (Vintage) as some Mount Everest that I must climb to the pinnacle, but when I step back, I can see that's not who I am.

    Find peace, Mark.

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    In general, I have a great life. Amazing wife, family, and friends. This irritation mostly is just magic. Doesn’t mean there isn’t some kind of fulfillment I need (not sure), just wanted to be clear.

    But it’s taken me a while to get a point of feeling the need to post that. Mostly out of venting.

  • The issue with feelings in Magic is that we are so inundated with Data that either your "feeling" about something is based in statistical fact or it's instantly dismissed and possibly even ridiculed. I feel ya man, and it's a shame that it has devolved to this.

  • My feelings in Vintage are directly proportional to the amount of Mental Misstep. Same thing when it was in Legacy.

  • @nedleeds If you just started playing mental misstep, you could use it to counter all the missteps that are keeping it down. The solution is probably more missteps not less. Think of mental misstep as Malort. Sure Malort is terrible, especially if you just sample it occasionally or have some asshole force it on you. But if you get your own bottle, and you start forcing it on others, before long you find that it is not only fulfilling, but actually rather enjoyable.

    Mental Misstep, the Malort of Counter Magic.

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    I think we all get to this point from time to time with Magic. I know I personally haven't played much competitive Magic over the last year or two (babies, kids, life, time, etc), but I still enjoy following it. Whereas I used to get to play competitive-casual about once a month when in Boston for business, they stopped doing it at the local store (sheds tear).

    That said, I was finding myself drifting to other types of Magic when I was able to get my occasional "me day" when I was at home on a saturday. A lot of people say "step back, take a break," and I've found that other formats can be a nice breather. I personally have never played Modern or Standard a day in my life, but I've found going to pre-releases to be TREMENDOUS fun. Especially if you have a good store with a good crowd. 2-headed giant pre-releases are even more fun, if you have someone to play with.

    I've also found myself, when given a day to play Magic, to find playing cube draft with my friends to be my Magic of choice. I'll always play Vintage, and when life settles down a little and I have more time (there is certainly a correlation between frequent competitive play and success), I'll start going to the odd tournament or two again. But in the meantime, I am opting for pre-releases or cube for now. But I have no doubts I'll be back at some point. So I'd recommend trying a different format or environment for now, take a breath, and when you feel the clutches of Vintage pulling you back, come running with open arms :)

    I would however caution against "selling out." I've said it before on here, but I think the prices of Vintage have a reached a point, that if you sell out, you might not ever come back, and that would be a shame. If nothing else, keep your duals and lotus (and a mox or two), so at least it's not too overwhelming should you decide to. It's way too high of a mountain to climb to power yourself up again ($10k?), and even moreso when you've already owned the cards before.

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    @joshuabrooks No worries, I'm not about to sell out unless something personally bad happens (like I'm about to lose my house, I can' feed my family, someone in my family is really sick, that kind of thing). It was a thought that crossed my mind after the frustrations with the vintage community.

    I do love Vintage and there are some people here that make up for the negativity.

    I do generally play other formats. The format I actually play the most is EDH/Commander. I play that most days at work with a few coworkers and generally have a blast playing. Especially when we get together after work and shoot the shit. Nothing like playing some games with a few friends bullshitting the whole time.

    I do still enjoy following magic. I love watching videos on Channel fireball, catching player streams, and watching Pro Tours/SCG/Grand Prixs.

    I really want to try out cube. I'm going to actually proxy the whole Vintage Online Cube (edit it as I go along) and try to get some friends together to jam it. I have no feeling to build the whole cub out with real cards. Maybe one day, but I'll need to own more than one dual land (a bayou).

  • @shaman-ben said in Vintage Feelings:

    @nedleeds If you just started playing mental misstep, you could use it to counter all the missteps that are keeping it down. The solution is probably more missteps not less. Think of mental misstep as Malort. Sure Malort is terrible, especially if you just sample it occasionally or have some asshole force it on you. But if you get your own bottle, and you start forcing it on others, before long you find that it is not only fulfilling, but actually rather enjoyable.

    Mental Misstep, the Malort of Counter Magic.

    alt text

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    Posting here to remind myself to enter the discussion when I have more time

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