Turbo Stasis

  • If you play with mana creatures (Noble Hierarch), you might add Quirion Ranger / Scryb Ranger (to bounce Tropical Island and untap Noble H.) to fuel your Stasis.

  • Where’s Garruk and Ral Zarek??

  • @kat Why not try Paradox Engine? Perhaps with a bit of Enchantress tech like Words of Wind you can redrop a Mox for an untap of your other artifacts? It would lend itself to a mana shell more artifact based including Mox Opal and probably Ruby and Jet as well. It's expensive but perhaps lends itself to a more Workshop-y build or something with sol lands

    If you want to go more prison-y Frozen Aether along with Tabernacle accomplish what you're doing with the Sovereigns are are probably less prone to removal game 1.

  • Paradoxical Outcome might be fun with some Stasis!
    Perhaps including Voltaic Servant as well (to untap your blue mox to pay for the Stasis every turn!)

  • @wfain I thought about that, natural synergy with Time Vault too. Outcome isn't a bad idea but Outcome is also its own combo already and is faster. For a strict Stasis-based plan of attack I think Engine is a good option.

  • @yayjinaz yeah, doesn’t mean it couldn’t work in a Stasis control deck though? Could still play Mentor to get the normal Outcome kills sometimes, but have Stasis against the decks that can stop your Outcome action somehow

  • @wfain I just think Outcome requires a low avg CMC whereas Engine just wants mana rocks or dorks and couldn't care less about CMC after it's out.

    My original feeling was to turn the deck into a more Enchantress-Stasis hybrid but I didn't like any of my brainstormed versions. I put together a list using Paradox Engine in modern that plays a la High Tide which is where I thought of it for Stasis as with Moxen it's pretty damn good.

  • @yayjinaz said in Turbo Stasis:

    I put together a list using Paradox Engine in modern that plays a la High Tide...

    I'd love to see this.

  • @5space The Gitaxian Probe ban totally screwed the deck, but Mishra's Bauble or perhaps even Manamorphose might be a serviceable alternative. Here's the original list. Never really tuned it because I moved and stopped playing paper modern and never built it out on MTGO. The deck runs two different mana engines in Grand Architect/Pili-Pala and Magus of the Candelabra/Vernal Bloom. You'll oftentimes Remand your own excess spells for a card draw and Paradox Engine trigger. Consistent on turn 5 in solitaire, but I had a few turn 3 combos and plenty of turn 4s. I consider myself good at trying to figure a basic deck premise out, but I know for sure that I'm not the best at optimizing a list...so take this with a grain of sand.

    Instant (12)
    3x Blue Sun's Zenith
    3x Mystical Teachings
    3x Remand
    3x Summoner's Pact

    Enchantment (7)
    4x Utopia Sprawl
    3x Vernal Bloom

    Land (18)
    4x Breeding Pool
    6x Forest
    4x Island
    4x Misty Rainforest

    Artifact (5)
    2x Lightning Greaves
    3x Paradox Engine

    Creature (10)
    3x Grand Architect
    4x Magus of the Candelabra
    3x Pili-Pala

    Sorcery (8)
    4x Gitaxian Probe
    4x Serum Visions

  • @kat said in Turbo Stasis:

    I would like some suggestions on replacements for the Tempest Drake which are 2cmc.

    I believe Voltaic Servant is great. It has pseudo vigilance, but can also make you pay for Stasis forever if you have a blue Mox or Seat of the Synod while also allowing infinite turns with Time Vault.