Blue Jund

  • @nba84 said in 4C Forceless Control:

    @bscheidemann this deck is not tuned at all towards white eldrazi, as it does not have a representation in the meta.

    Having said that, the games I've played on cockatrice vs @Stormanimagus and others that play humans variant, albeit a different beast, relies on dark confidants drawing a few cards and bolts getting rid of thalias.

    Any non blue deck is ultimately about attrition and two for ones. That's where kcommand and grudge shine.

    Like any vintage deck, you have to tune for the meta. The meta that this deck tries to attack is a shops/big-blue deck axis.

    If you do find a silver bullet for eldrazi, please do share.


    We had success with Kefnet the Mindful v. Eldrazi specifically. If Eldrazi ever comes back, maybe try Ophiomancer?

  • @brianpk80 Or even Bitterblossom

  • @nba84

    I'm not sure if I missed something, but I don't see Bitterblossom as helpful against. Eldrazi. How do you figure?

  • IF Eldrazi were to make an emergence back into the format, I would just use baleful strix.

  • I would also add Glissa The Traitor if we are talking strictly an on-color anti aggro card.

  • I only bring up white eldrazi because the local meta in Austin, TX had a few white eldrazi decks in the top 8 of the last tournament. I like adding baleful in.

  • Hi all. Reid Duke posted a list and played a few rounds with a deck quite similar to the original one posted here:

    Differences Reid's deck mainboard:
    -1 Lightning Bolt
    -1 Dire Fleet Daredevil
    -1 Sylvan Library (which I think is a momentous mistake)
    -1 BOB

    +1 JVP
    +1 DRS
    +1 Kolaghans Command
    +1 Ancient Grudge

    The sideboards differ considerably, as they should, since the meta has shifted heavily since February when the above deck was invented. Conspicuously Reid's board eschews GY hate for further artifact hate in the shape of Null Rods and creature hate with Fatal Pushes.

    Please note that there is a grave deckbuilding faux pas with a singleton Mountain in the SB yet Polluted Deltas as the 4-offs in the mainboard.

    Personally, I don't believe that this deck is currently as well positioned as in January/February, partially due to the fact that it was constructed to beat Workshop based decks through attrition (rather than speed), whilst holding the Jeskai decks at bay through taxing their cantrips through Pyroblast/Mental Misstep.

    As the meta has pivoted heavily towards Paradoxical Outcome based decks, the speed of the format has somewhat increased.

    If I were to pick this deck up again, my major changes to both my own deck and Reid's would be a bigger focus on storm decks through Mindbreak Traps in the SB.

    All the best,

  • @nba84 I think this just goes to prove that the format isn't Fow vs Shops vs Combo. I play survival salad and I think once/if Outcome gets restricted decks decks like this will shine. That being said I played against a version of this today with me being on Survival Salad and had a much harder time vs this than regular Fow Leo decks. Your card's grinded better and it was nearly impossible to get advantage through your kill spells unlike at 2 for 1 with force.

    @p3temangus I like glissa a ton. I played her in Jund Traverse in modern for eldrazi decks or anything with little removal and she is insane. Unlike balefu she doesn;t have CA but I guess not dying to pyroblast has some utility vs blue right?
    I imagine her vs shops being very good in conjunction with null rod shutting down ballista and very good vs the other leo decks goyfs. Better than stix as she could block multiple times tho if they don't attack into strix that is irrelevant.

    Edit: Basic land may not be a faux pas; I have played "budget" UR delver with delta's in place of tarns and still ran a basic mountain as drawing it was still very good vs shops.

  • (Leovold is sometimes countered by rebs and then is just a 1-1, so maybe you need a cavern)

  • @bleedth3sky the faux pas wasn't in the logic of having a basic in the board, but rather fetchlands in the main that cannot fetch for it.