EE Bronze Satellite - Feb 9, 2018 Norwalk, CT - Battlegrounds Gaming

  • EESS Point Prizes in addition to prizes listed below:
    1st place: 5 Points
    2nd place: 3 Points
    3rd-4th place: 2 Point

    Where: Battlegrounds Gaming
    362 Main Ave
    Norwalk, CT 06851

    When: Friday, Feb 9, 2018
    Time: Round 1 pairings go up at 730 PM
    Format: Unsanctioned Vintage - swiss rounds cut to top 4 (15 proxies allowed)
    Entry: $25
    Prizes based on 8 players
    1st Place: $150 store credit
    2nd place: $50 credit at 8 players

    additional prizes added based on attendance

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