Vintage Playgroup in Germany

  • I currently don't have a Paper Playgroup, and playing online just doesn't hold up to actually having a group to play Paper Vintage with.
    Sadly while i got some of my friends to try out the format we are too few to play regularly (they mostly just want to play commander, Modern or sometimes Legacy), and the few people that have decks don't actually keep up to date with the format and produce a very inbred metagame with maindeck hate and stuff like that.
    I tried animating our big FNM attendence to try out a proxied Vintage tournament once, but interest was very low and many people seemed to dislike the idea of playing with proxies, not knowing that its not a thing out of the ordinary in Vintage.
    Does anybody know about a Playgroup or tournaments in South Germany (preferably Bavaria) that allows some proxies (i don't own power).



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