February 12, 2018 Banned and Restricted Announcement

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    No changes to Vintage.

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  • A relevant Vintage change would be the price spike on JTMS i assume.

  • It's a price us Vintage players have seen before. And he's due for a reprint in A25.

  • I was really hoping for un restrictions though. Gitaxian Probe was wrongfully banned, they should correct that mistake.

  • Awful. Can't believe they won't cut the phyrexian cancer that is Misstep out of Vintage.

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    Restricting Misstep would make it harder to unrestrict other cards first. I'd rather they unrestrict Windfall and/or Fastbond first.

    It's also hard to make the case that Misstep is a problem with the best two decks in the format are Oath and Workshop.

  • @smmenen lots of 1 mana spells answer those archetypes, but every blue deck is starting construction at like 30 cards now. Nobody is incented to play those answers without also burning 4 spots on their own Missteps, and soon you have no deck left to build. Missteps impact is felt far more on the drawing board, the cards that never even get tried because of its effect. The miserable play pattern is just the cherry on the shit sundae.

  • @nedleeds I used to think that Misstep was a side effect of people playing a bunch of cantrips and discard spells. I started play MTGO and I started building decks without Misstep and you are correct that you will get impacted by the card in a big way.

    The best decks do not care about this card. So, I tried to change the way I played blue decks by either playing less 1 drops or just expecting the card and playing a ton of one drops.

    I like Vintage and I think we need more broken cards not less.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @aelien Wow, just noticed that. What's the reason behind it?

  • @dr-j Jace was unbanned in Modern, as indicated by the first sentence in the linked announcement.

  • @thecravenone I didn't click the link because it had no indication of interesting me. But thanks anyways.

  • [edited: removed reference to deleted post - BrassMan]

    Probe is one of those cards, much like Misstep, Trinisphere maybe even Chalice that made for a miserable, repetitive play pattern. It's power level (like Chalice / 3ball) waned a little as the game progressed but free Storm, Delve, information for no card or mana investment was ridiculous.

    That being said Probe didn't keep any other cards from ever being considered for inclusion in a given deck construction exercise. It was just a miserable card. Misstep is a miserable play pattern, eats up deck construction space because it's inherently an incestuous card (when nobody was playing it ... it stayed dormant, but once it's numbers ramp then everyone has to play it or play no 1's).

    alt text

    Fucking card is just the worst.

    alt text

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