@serracollector I like it so far. When outcome has Tormod's crypt or grafdigger's out dropping thalia and leo is really good plus having stony. I like having every lock piece now not getting hit by hurkyl's recall which lets me turn into a psuedo hatebear deck with a combo finish is super cool.

Gave on Misstep as I felt having more card advantage and filtering was better than protecting a t1 birds or looting. Added Frantic Search which would be nice to see unrestricted one day as discarding vengevines and untapping lands is exactly what we need to help cast hollow ones or more survival triggers if our board gets wiped.

Looking at just straight running 2 Leo in the main with how good a t2 leo can be vs any blue deck and if you manage to cast it vs shops its really funny vs ballista.

Here is what I have been having decent success with:

Frantic Search in not restricted in Vintage. Run 4 if you like sir. Glad my suggestions of Thalia and Drake have helped 🙂

@bleedth3sky how is the dredge matchup? looks a little light on dredge hate. is the aggressive nature of the deck enough?

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@blindtherapy I’ve beaten dredge probably 55% so far. Between Trap and DRS after board you have solid interaction and you can finish them off via Wonder quite often. G1 is pretty much a luck of the draw situation though.

@bleedth3sky I think if you’re going down the Frantic Search route that Riftstone Portal seems like a must have. I would further consider Fastbond to help get enough lands in play to use the untap 3 part.

Honestly I still think Careful Study is better than Frantic, but with a Manadork it is still a turn 2 play, so who knows til you try.

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@serracollector If we have dorks or moxen out we can make extra green mana with the ubtap even if we don't have 3 lands out right? That's my main thought that it can turn GGBR into draw 2 discard 2 GGGG by untapping lands.

@bleedth3sky if you don’t have 3 lands the best you could in that scenario is turn ggxx into ggg I think, but maybe that is still ok?

This is the version I would play today in the challenge if I could:


So far Stony Silence has more impact against the various outcome and storm decks than Mindbreak Trap did. Oath is still pretty rough, you can beat them with explosive Bazaar draws or if a SotF goes unchecked. Could certainly load up on SB Abrupt Decay if we wanted to really beat them but that weakens other areas. I suppose you could change an Ingot Chewer to a Decay, but that makes your land fetching more difficult vs Shops decks.

@wfain Does Asylum Visitor compare favorably to Dark Confidant? AV seems pretty awesome in Bazaar lists (no personal pun intended).

@bazaarofbaghdad I don’t think so, no. The goal isn’t to play hellbent. Bob helps keep a few cards in hand to make Bazaar more of a break even. One of the main ways you can lose a grindy game is to run out of cards to activate Bazaar.

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@wfain Of course, but was the madness ability enough to push it over the top?

@bazaarofbaghdad that would mean we have to have 3 or more cards to get it to work(Bazaar+2 mana, SotF/Faithless Looting and 2 additional open mana). Bob only requires 2 mana and he always does what you want.

So, just another wild thought, but could Anvil of Bogardan be a viable test over Bob? Digs deep, works towards the goal etc

re: anvil, then you can play a leovold and lock out the opponent from playing anything but instants during their draw phase.

@marcb I didn't even think of that but yea, a super aggro deck with a hand lock mechanism as early as turn 2. In that case, I would add 1 cavern of souls in the builds with Dr. Shaman, and Leovold on elf, if Anvil is viable ofc.

4-1 today in league. Rebuilt the sideboard to fight only Shops, Outcome, and Dredge. Fair blue decks are basically easy wins (and you can still bring in Leo, Thalia, and Abrupt Decay to help).


Is this deck worth it's own thread and maybe a primer at this point? Is that something people would be interested in? If so I can try to record my replays after I finish a league so people could see it in action (I play on a tablet so the best I can do is record with my phone after the fact).

I would love to see this in its own thread with a primer, that is what this has more or less become.

What's your average turn kill? Very impressed with how this deck has developed.

@dr-j that’s a good question, never tracked it. I know I’ve done it on 3 a ton, and on 2 more than once. It is not uncommon to create a 2-3 turn clock on 1 though.

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