Hollow One

  • @dr-j that’s a good question, never tracked it. I know I’ve done it on 3 a ton, and on 2 more than once. It is not uncommon to create a 2-3 turn clock on 1 though.

  • @wfain
    I would love for someone to do this deck justice with a primer. Go for it!

  • @wfain I would consider lotus petal over 1 of the Elvish Spirit Guides.


    1. Any color of mana, opens a lot more turn 1 options.
    2. Lowers damage probability on Dark Confidant. 3 damage versus 0 is an obvious difference.


    1. Affected by sphere and null rod/stony silence.
    2. Can't be searched for via Survival, not sure if relevant tho?

    Also, maybe I missed something posted earlier, but why is there no wheel of fortune? Seems absolute bonkers possibilities turn 1. From Anger, and Venges discarded into a handful of Hollow Ones? Or just a simple refill after dropping a handful of mana dorks? At the worst its free Baskings. Seems better than Frantic for sure.

  • @serracollector I agree, Wheel is better than Frantic, but I’m not playing that. I had Wheel in the version I went 5-0 with, but I literally never wanted to cast it 🤷🏻♂️.

    The thing you’re missing on ESG is that it is a 2/2 and it can help you rebuy VV if required. I’m seeing people go deeper into trying to rely on VV/SotF/Bazaar- imo the opposite approach is more valuable- have as many different lines as possible while still remaining consistent in your opening hands.

  • @serracollector said in Hollow One:

    1. Can't be searched for via Survival, not sure if relevant tho?

    also relevant of course is the other side of that equation; it can't be discarded to survival

  • I'm a huge fan of "engine" style decks and basking rootwalla so I was immediately intrigued by this deck. I've played a few leagues and it has been really powerful. (cashed every league, one 5-0, one that was 4-1 where my "loss" was a split with someone else) Blue matchups are definitely favorable and hating on shops, dredge, and PO out of the board is a solid plan.

    I really like the Bob plan for this deck as it's easy to spew cards and he can fuel some value bazaar activations. Spirit guide has also been clutch as a dude to pitch, a target to grab when you need another discard for hollow one (mana neutral, 1 extra creature in hand is discarded), or just to fuel a powerful turn 1. I also put a thalia in the maindeck to possibly power out on turn 1 or at a bullet to search for and i've been pleased with her.

    I'm wondering how important faithless looting is for the deck. It's definitely the weakest enabler and it was my cut to slot in Thalia, but it's probably still necessary in some number for the deck to function.

  • @kaluma I’ve been experimenting with no Faithless and just 4 Bazaar/SotF. I’m not sure if I like it yet or not? 🤷🏻♂

  • @wfain cool. I'd be very interested in what your opinions are after more testing! I might go for a build with more fast mana sources (spirit guide #2-3) and something like sylvan library as another consistency enabler/ threat to power out on turn 1.

  • I had a copy of sylvan before, it was really good, I think Bob is slightly better being a creature but I suppose 3-1 split might be better than 4-0

  • I've been experimenting with only Bazaar of Baghdad and Survival of the Fittest recently and 4*-1'd with the following list last night:

    Thalia Survival

    There are still some refinements to be made for sure, but this configuration has vastly improved the Paradoxical matchup. If I can figure out how to bring the Workshop matchup close to 40-60 I'll be incredibly happy with the deck's position.

    *Our last round opponent was a 1-3 that was scooping their last round to spite MODO.

  • @hierarchnoble I like it! Have you tried Bob at all? I’m in favor at this point. Also- if you want to be better against Shops more Flux and more ESG seem to be the way to go imo

  • What about some number (1?) of tasigur?

  • Thrashing Brontoson is tech. Has anyone tried Anvil of Bogardan? Or is it too risky?

  • @wfain At some point I'm going to step away from the path my iterations have been taking me and just use your 75 in a league. It hasn't happened yet, but sometime soon!

    @john-cox I have a build I've been brainstorming that drifts closer to a Vintage interpretation of Modern's Hollow One decks. It runs the Faithless Looting, Survival and Bazaar engines, but goes very heavy red to support Flamewake Phoenix. That deck, in order to get more 4-power creatures, runs Hooting Mandrills as a Delve threat. If you want Delve threats the on-color guy seems best. Vengevine has proved that 4/3 is good enough, so the Mandrills as a 4/4 shouldn't be significantly worse than Tasigur's 4/5.

  • @hierarchnoble you know what might go a long way in that shops matchup? Tarmogoyf 🤷🏻♂

  • @hierarchnoble goyf is, in fact, good in the shops matchup.

  • obviously the correct silver bullet vs shops is to survival down an anger and a bane of progress, the play and activate apprentice/doomed necromancer

  • I’m getting close to having something I’m really happy with. I think I might have 58-59/60 correct. The 15 is another story entirely. For some reason I’m having trouble being good against both Shops and Outcome after board- seems like the overlap should be there but I’m finding it isn’t. I’ll post something tomorrow with the list.

  • @hierarchnoble
    Is Dack Fayden too slow?

  • @wfain Damping Sphere? Workshop taps for 1, PO/storm can't go off. 2 mana, one card :). Null rod, of course, is also solid at hitting both deck types and more.