@hierarchnoble I love, love, love this suggestion. BGH sees play in Modern B/R Hollow One. Perhaps there are some other cards from that deck we could take inspiration from? Flamewake Phoenix? Gurmag Angler, etc.

I suppose Firestorm could also be a solid choice?

singleton Greater Gargadon to tutor for vs oath?

I just watched the replay of @hierarchnoble's stream with this deck, and it looks like an absolute blast. One thing that jumped out to me is that the mana base seems stretched a bit thin with the blue power, the black tutors, and the white sideboard cards. The black tutors also seemed a bit slow. I'm loving the discussion on this deck; with some fine tuning it could be a real factor in the metagame.

I've updated the google doc. It now has 2 lists- 1 for things I'm trying based on suggestions given here and 1 for the updated version of the original (they're extremely similar).


@wfain I wonder if having a Ballista instead of Memnite is better. You can use it at 0 to trigger Vengevines anyway, but it has more uses if you're not comboing.

@fsecco probably a good thought.

@fsecco There was a list floating around Modern that ran Endless One, Hangarback Walker, and Walking Ballista for this very purpose. You would cast them for 0 to get Bridge triggers, and put towards your count for Vengevine.

This post is deleted!

I played a build of this deck to a 5-1 finish at our local Vintage today, losing the first round to shops on the draw, then beating Oath twice, Landstill twice, and finally the other 5-1 Pyromancer deck. I likely would have beat shops on the play and the other matches never felt close.

This is the list I played:

I recognize that Slimefoot is just gratuitous, but I said I was going to play it and I held to my word. I would definitely like to play Leovold in that slot. The sideboard can use some work.

Stingscourger is exactly what I need; I keep losing to Tinker Blightsteel when I bring in null rods and leo vs PO decks and dack feels too slow.
Paradoxical decks in general feel like the worst match up as null rod doesn't stop their Tinker plan it just stops them from storming out with ridiculous amounts of mana and the decks I consistently lose to the most.

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@bleedth3sky Stingscourger does seem pretty good! I’ve been messing around with some different ideas myself, but I never thought about that guy!

@wfain Don't play Stingscourger. Play Man-o-war. And have Edwin Star locked and loaded in a small boombox to play when you cast it. #stylepoints

@thewhitedragon69 I have all love for Man-o-War, but I’m pretty sure the color and cost of SS makes it the right choice if we want a bounce creature. The body sticking around doesn’t matter very much tbh

I personally would run guilded drakes. Why bounce Grisel or Blight when you can just take them?

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@wfain It's a blocker...I guess in some builds it pitches to FoW. The main point was an excuse to play "War" on boombox 😜

@serracollector Gilded Drake is also very interesting 🤔
Makes me still want a SS to bounce the Drake after though! (fully aware that won’t matter).
One potential difference in this case is vs Containment Priest or Ethersworn Canonist- we want those off the board, not on our side. Maybe having 1 of each is correct after all.

Testing this version in league tonight based on those thoughts!

I hope you steal a flying hasty Traxos off someone with that Guilded Drake! Best of luck. 🙂

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