Power 9 Series Returns at SCG CON on June 8-10, 2018!

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    The Power 9 Series Returns!
    Long before there was an SCG Tour, there was the Power 9 Vintage Tournament Series. A full set of the Power Nine will once again be up for grabs when this nostalgic event returns at SCG CON!

    Entry fee: $100.00 (Register Now!)
    This is a sanctioned Vintage event. No proxies will be permitted.

    For those wanting to play in Friday's Vintage format Power 9 Series, this registration package includes:

    • Entry into the Power 9 Series (Friday 10am)

    • Show Up & Play! experience

    • Exclusive SCG Tour Steel Overseer playmat

    • Eli Kassis Invitational winner token

    Anyone wanting to participate in the Power 9 Series must register online by Thursday, June 7th at 11:59pm ET or on-site by Friday, June 8th at 9:50am ET. A publicity waiver is required to play.

    Berglund Special Events Center
    710 Williamson Rd NE
    Roanoke, VA 24016


    Friday - 10:00 AM - Round One begins promptly at 10:00 AM. After eight Swiss rounds of Vintage, all players with 18 or more match points, or tied for Top 32 advance to Day 2.

    Saturday - 12:00 PM - Round Nine begins promptly at 12pm. After five Swiss rounds of Vintage, there will be a cut to the Top 8. The Top 8 finishers will battle through three single-elimination rounds to determine the Power 9 Series champion!

    Live streaming coverage of the Power Nine Series Top 8 will begin at approximately 6:00 PM on Saturday June 9th.

    1st - Unlimited Black Lotus & Timetwister
    2nd - Unlimited Mox Sapphire
    3rd - Unlimited Ancestral Recall
    4th - Unlimited Mox Jet
    5th - Unlimited Time Walk
    6th - Unlimited Mox Emerald
    7th - Unlimited Mox Pearl
    8th - Unlimited Mox Ruby
    Top 16 - $200 SCG Gift Card
    Top 32 - $100 SCG Gift Card

  • I’m in this for the Eli Kassis token.

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